Interview With English Black Metallers Necronautical

Get Slain In The Spirit, and take a trip to the dark side.

Necronautical have always been about exploring the darkness. Their very name means ‘To explore death’. It’s fitting, then, that on their fourth album, Slain In The Spirit, the Manchester band are pushing both their sound and their concept to the outer limits.

August 20, 2021 marked the release of their fourth dark album “Slain In The Spirit” another masterpiece from Necronautical. It was a pleasure to speak to Naut about the album and much more. Check out the below YouTube Video for the complete coverage

Track Listing

  1. Ritual & Recursion
  2. Occult Ecstatic Indoctrination
  3. Slain In The Spirit
  4. Hypnagogia
  5. Pure Consciousness Event
  6. Necropsychonautics
  7. Contorting In Perpetuity
  8. Death Magick Triumphant
  9. Disciple