Interview With Freddie Allen Of Fans Of The Dark

FANS OF THE DARK is an exciting new band formed in the summer of 2020 by Freddie Allen, drummer and main songwriter, and lead vocalist Alex Falk. The pair went to high school together in Stockholm and after a few years reconnected recently with a vision to create a band which would mix the melodies and approach of classic and melodic rock with elements of the great metal music of the ’80s. The final result is one of the most exciting things you’ll hear emerging from the fruitful melodic rock in Sweden, showcasing a tight, inventive musical approach with outstanding vocals.

It was a pleasure to have Freddie Allen on an Interview as the debut album was released on November 5, 2021. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube.

The Ghost Of Canterville
Escape From Hell
The Running Man
Dial Mom For Murder
Life Kills
Rear Window
The Foreigner
Zombies In My Class

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