Interview With Geoff Hodsman Of “Nachtmuse”

NACHTMUSE, unveiled a new powerful symphonic offering. The EP, Darker Skies, is out on April 7th, 2023. Alluring and compelling, NACHTMUSE’s distinctive take on symphonic metal delivers a dynamic and immersive sound. 

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, the symphonic metal outfit strives to have a raw guitar driven quality and showcase the darker side of this metal subgenre. With a strong emphasis on heavy riffs, NACHTMUSE juxtapose heaviness against more ethereal elements. The first single “The Warning” embraces haunting realms with thundering instrumentation and soaring, operatic vocal leads. “The Ashen” deals with themes of generational trauma, of striving to not make the irreversible mistakes our parents made. “The Sublime” is a song of self-reliance and glimpsing the divine through artful creation. While “The Sunken” portrays someone realizing their substance abuse is ruining their relationships. The album wraps on “Candy Tree” a cover song, originally composed by the band ALL ABOUT EVE. This song seems to observe the spell drugs can hold upon troubled youth.

The Darker Skies EP was composed and recorded in the relatively short span of 6 months during the latter half of 2022. It features the same vocals of Maude Theberge and Jeff Mott and is intended to serve as a sequel to the full length album Solemn Songs Of Nightsky & Sea that was released at the start of 2022. It accordingly features the same elemental themes of the night sky, moon and water that dominated that previous release. For this EP Nathan Gross (AGE OF ATHENA, BLOOD OF INDIGO, HAVEN DREAM) has assisted with the orchestral component, giving a new sense of grandeur to the songs. 

It was my pleasure to have Geoff on the Interview to talk on Darker Skies and much more, Check out the Interview below.

Darker Skies Tracklist:

  1. The Warning
  2. The Ashen
  3. The Sublime
  4. The Sunken
  5. Candy Tree
Photo Credit : Maxim Miller


Geoff Hodsman

Featuring the vocals of Maude Theberge (SANGUINE GLACIALIS, GROWLER’S CHOIR) and Jeff Mott (HANDS OF DESPAIR, GROWLER’S CHOIR)

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