Interview With Greek Metal Band “SPEKTRVM”

The music of Greek metal group Spektrvm (pronounced ‘Spectrum’) spreads wide across the chromatic, political, religious and many other themes. The group was formed in 2016, by Michael Pouliezos and George Zikas in their mid/late teens and has changed various members over time before finalizing their line-up in the fall of 2022. Spektrvm has made numerous appearances at music festivals and shows around Greece. 

The general musical style of their debut album Blood For Heaven could be considered as heavy metal with influences from progressive, folk, nu, thrash and doom metal, but no one can be sure where the endless well of musical ideas and interactions within the Spektrvm cannon are going to lead. 

The “Blood For Heaven” debut album was released on 8/7/2022 in collaboration with Sliptrick Records. 

It was a pleasure to have the frontman Thanos on the Interview to talk on the album and much more, Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

1.Gift Of Oizys
2.Blood For Heaven
3.War Of Chameleon
5.Trying To Breathe
6.Rain Fire
7.Without Borders
8.Green God
9.Rotten World

Music Video

The Band

Thanos Zabetakis – Vocals
George Zikas – Guitar
Nicholas Dhamo – Guitar
Michael Pouliezos – Bass
Lyo Panagiotopoulos – Drums

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