Interview With Hell Riders

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, the editorial head, how are you  today? 

A psycho hello Keith Clement and the whole Metalheads Forever Magazine editorial staff. We are  thine thanks, i hope you too! 

Your debut album “First Race” came out in 2019, would you like to share about the album, in terms  of production and song writing? 

First Race is an album that we still struggle to give it the real sound. The production was the most  challenging part because in the studio we could not bring out the real important parts that are inside  the album. Being the first experience for us our emotions have played tricks, but despite everything  we are happy and proud of the result. 

The songs that make up the album have different origins and stories. Less than half of them come  from the old death / thrash metal band (beyond death of humanity) by Richard who arranged them  in a heavy metal key. To give a few examples are Ghost Rider and B.T.K. The others were written from  scratch and are all born in the rehearsal room, between laughs and the other, and once we create  the song we record it to hear how it sounds and from there we start the work of arrangement until  the song comes to completion. Most of the time the songs are born from the mind of Richard, or  from my title or melody 

What was the concept set behind the album? 

When we started to prepare the album we wanted immediately to give a start and an end to the  race. We started by inserting the songs that most convinced us that come from Richard up to the  songs written together. So First Race represents both the race that the listener makes through  listening, passing through destroyed worlds, wars, until you get to ride skies and overcome their  fears, but it’s also ours because it represents us as a band and on which we will continue to travel. 

The album is a kick ass heavy metal one that you have put up, the musical progression, vocals,  blazing guitars made it a perfect one, how was the reception towards the album? 

I like the description in the question, thank you very much ahahah. The album, in Italy, had a good  impact and was well quoted by critics despite its strengths and weaknesses. As for the rest of the  world I must say that we were impressed by how well it was quoted but above all we were surprised  that the most listened to song was the least obvious and this makes us very happy.

Its’ been 2 years since the debut, what is been happening with the band, have you planned to  be back on studio? 

Absolutely yes! In these two years of stop, both for the virus and for other problems, we did not stop  and we started the work for the next album and not only, we are preparing some nice things for our  fans who relate to just First Race. 

Were you able to get on tour, I know the covid situation has caused quite some damage to musicians  especially, how did you cope up the situation? 

Unfortunately we did not succeed, we did some dates in Italy before Lockdown but then nothing. We  had other dates abroad but unfortunately they were canceled. In Italy the situation Covid is and has  been really terrible as far as the musicians are concerned and unfortunately we had to devote  ourselves to other works while keeping the band alive and carrying on the work both on First Race  and on the shows. 

Can you tell me how Hell Riders was formed? 

It’s all thanks to Richard ahahah. He decided in 2017 to resume his old songs and arrange them in  heavy metal style. He then searched for members on an Italian website and to complete the band  and so we met. On drums, bass and second guitar changed several people before arriving at the  recording of the album. From First Race until before the lockdown the band consisted of: Jimmy Dirt  (drums), Caty Van Alchemy (bass guitar), Enea Maina (second guitar), Richard Crowley (lead guitar),  Dave Jolly (voice). Now the band has had other line-up changes and now we have Bobo drums, Sara  Cerutti on bass and Dalto’s second lead guitar. 

A band between Italy and Switzerland, how did things worked out being from two different  countries? 

Fortunately it is not as difficult as it may seem. Before covid-19 I was enough to cross the border, I  never had any problems of any kind. At the height of the pandemic, we say that the situation was  quite difficult because we had to follow the directives from both states, and that created a lot of 

difficulties for us. Now I live in Italy and all I have is the problem of crossing Switzerland and I have to  say that now it is much better. 

What would be some of the plans you guys have in 2021? 

For now we are working on two fronts: live and studio. 

As for the live shows we are taking the time to prepare First Race for future shows, we want to make  it more exciting and different than the disc. Meanwhile we are going ahead with the writing of the  second record and I must say that something really beautiful is coming out and we are very excited. We have a lot of songs already in the pipeline and a lot of material to work on. 

Would you like to share some of the great moments? 

8 November 2019 we played in a metal club near Turin (IT), which unfortunately because covid  closed, and it was the first concert in which we played the songs of the album released the week  before. It was a truly magical evening, not only for the environment, but also for the bands with  whom we shared the stage. 

Another great moment that deserves to be remembered was November 15 in Balerna (CH). I got in  touch with the owner of a Harley Davidson shop because he heard our record and he was thrilled  and wanted us to play at his bar which is right next door. I went in person to talk to him and see the  place and unfortunately I saw that it was too small so he threw me a very nice proposal: you will play  in the workshop! I was impressed by his statement but I really liked the idea ahahah. We played in  the workshop, along with the engines on, the lights came directly from the headlights of the Harley  but the craziest thing was to mount the battery on the lifts for motorcycles. It was the most beautiful  concert of all and it is not excluded the hypothesis that refers to ahahahah 

Finally any message for the heavy metal fans around the world? 

To our Riders I just want to say thank you for all the support and affection they give us, thank you  very much! 

You never stop dreaming and always follow your dreams. Even when the path becomes difficult keep  fighting because sooner or later everything will be repaid. 

Keep following us on the various social networks because there will be great news! Stay healthy, Stay metal and stay Riders.


1. Turbolizer
2. Ghost Rider
3. Soldier of Steel
4. Dragon Power
5. Mechanics Armada
6. Destination Mankind
7. Queen of Death
8. Aviator
9. B.T.K.
10. Beyond Death

Running Time: 44’34”

HELL RIDERS line-up:
Davide Girardi (Dave Jolly) – Voice
Caterina La Chimia (Caty Van Alchemy) – Bass
Riccardo Marcassa (Richard Crowley) – Guitar
Angelo Cislaghi (Jimmy Dirt) – Drum