Interview With Iceland’s Power Paladin

Imagine deserted volcanic wasteland, freezing winds and the all-embracing darkness of the longest winters on this planet: The obvious inspiration for rather vicious and somber tunes for lonely evening hours that the biggest part of Iceland’s heavy music scene is known for. Who would even dare to think of tales about brave warriors and mystical creatures coming from such an island? Power metal seemed like a fairytale until 2017 when Reykjavíkbased sextet POWER PALADIN (originally founded as PALADIN) rose in quest of carrying out their uplifting tunes and finally proving everyone wrong. On an island known for its musical doom and gloom, they are the midnight sun.

It was my pleasure to have a chat with Bjarni Egill Ögmundsson, Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

  1. Power Paladin – Kraven The Hunter
  2. Power Paladin – Righteous Fury
  3. Power Paladin – Evermore
  4. Power Paladin – Way Of Kings
  5. Power Paladin – Dark Crystal
  6. Power Paladin – Ride The Distant Storm
  7. Power Paladin – Creatures Of The Night
  8. Power Paladin – Into The Forbidden Forest
  9. Power Paladin – There Can Be Only One

Music Videos

The Band

Ingi Þórisson | guitars
Atli Guðlaugsson | vocals
Bjarni Egill Ögmundsson | keys
Einar Karl Júlíusson | drums
Bjarni Þór Jóhannsson | guitars
Kristleifur Þorsteinsson | bass

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