Interview With Insane

The Insane, Classic Heavy Metal Band, from the province of Cagliari, born from a project of Mimmo and Davide with the idea of writing unpublished songs, according to the influences and taste matured in the years spent playing around! Giò Mancosu and Maurizio Viccaro join this project on the way, enriching the project with technique and experience.


Davide Meloni:Voice
Mimmo Napoli: Guitars
Maurizio Viccaro:Bass
Giò Mancosu: Drums set and keyboard

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, this is Keith Clement, the editorial head, how are
you today?

Hi Keith , I would say in great shape and spirits high!

You have released your album of 8 unreleased tracks, can you tell me about the songwriting and  production behind it?  

Well, behind there is a lot of passion for metal combined with the desire, after so many years of  covers, to put to good use the experience, the different ideas, and to create a work of our own where all this converged. The whole thing was born in the simplest way, that is guitar and lyrics that spoke of topics dear to us as the epic literature and fantasy classic. 

A dark heavy that hits hard with a mixture of doom, and a heavy metal album, how do you feel  about the result of the album?  

Basically always excited! Each piece is the result of a long and careful work on all aspects, playing  our pieces, but also just talking about them as in this moment, causes a strong impact, so much  pride and satisfaction. 

Can you tell me how Insane was formed and how did you get together as a band? 

The idea was born from me and Mimmo, having always played at Foxi studio the friendship with  John is now long-standing and with the enthusiasm and ideas to get him on board was a moment.  The latest arrival, Maurizio, a musician of long standing and with numerous projects under his belt,  wanted to try a metal experience, the mutual respect has then made it so that he was one of ours. 

How are the tour plans?  

For now we are closing several dates, definitely bring our album live wherever we can get it.

What would be some of the big moments for you guys? 

Definitely having big live shows on major stages while also gaining experience away from home. 

 What would be the next plans for the band? 

In the immediate future the video realization of the single and then live in stages and clubs.

Any plans to make more albums in the coming years?  

We have a lot of new material to work on, many ideas and projects, we are working on this front as  well. 

How has the global level been reached so far with the release? 

The current level is the result of the collaboration with Wanikiya record and MR Jack who strongly  believed in us and our work, it’s a continuous surprise and a continuous joy. 

How does the band look to the future musically? 

Working, studying, learning from mistakes and setbacks, but we have humility and desire to do well to sell, for sure the most immediate future is to play live. 

Finally, what would be the message for the fans? 

Fan is definitely a big word for us that we are a band just born, certainly a lot of gratitude for those  who are following us and supporting us.


  1. The Salem Process
  2. Doom
  3. Sign From The Heaven
  4. You Are Insane
  5. Knight Of God
  6. The Age Of Camelot
  7. Van Helsing
  8. To Many Think An Half Way