Interview With Jessica of Planepacked

Transactinides is the epic new album from the powerful project PLANEPACKED. Driven by a desire to push further personal musical boundaries.

Having quickly grown into something bigger than had been originally planned, the new album fuses allusions to physics, science, and technology with her evolving views on gender and sexuality.

Transactinides is a thrilling, mesmerizing voyage through carefully cultivated electronics, thundering metal instrumentation and sheer musical ingenuity. PLANEPACKED opens the threshold to a universe of soundscapes, melodies and explorations of the human existence. 

It was my pleasure to have Jessica for an Interview, Check out the below Interview for the complete coverage.


  1. Azure (Her Clarion Call)
  2. Behind The Bitmask
  3. Dark Pact
  4. Trasactinides
  5. The Demon Core
  6. Red Star Succubus
  7. Dual Shock Agent
  8. Morphological Freedom
  9. Heliotaxis
  10. Ascendancy

Jessica Kagan: All songwriting, programming, sung vocals
Moss Girl: Harsh vocals
Nu House Studios: Mastering, mixing, vocal recording, production
Mario Teodosio: Visual artwork