Interview With Jonathan Vanderbil Of Celtic Hills

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the Editorial Head, how are you today?

CH – I am very happy to be here to answer your questions! 

Earlier this year you released “Mystai Keltoy” an amazing album having a good reach, how do you feel about the album and outcome of it?

CH- The production of this album was entrusted to Michele Guaitoli of Vision of Atlantis; he contributed a lot to the success of the album, and having great results is very enjoyable! Especially when you are a small band at the beginning of your career 

You have already get into studio for another album, how is the works for that, can you give some news about the secrets?

CH – We continue to work with Michele Guaitoli and we are working on pre-production, that is when you record without thinking about the arrangements yet! The songs are very fast, but we also wrote a brewery song (working title is Villacher Kirchtag) 

Almost 12 years since the band has been formed, how has the road been for you guys so far?

CH – All uphill! It is not at all easy to keep a band together between the commitments of every single person: we had to choose the formula of being an essential band of 3 musicians and it is challenging to play a genre like ours singing and playing without a second guitar. 

Can you tell me how the band was formed and how you guys met each other, a brief history in time will be appreciated 😀

CH – I am a biker, I am also a historical reenactor, so I have so many friends, that I have invited to join the band! The commitments of life, up to being able to live on music alone, make a long stay in a band difficult. 

How was it to work with Michele Guaitoli?

CH – Michele is a very professional guy both as a singer in his bands and as a sound engineer at the mixer. We have known each other for a long time and this collaboration was born mainly from the mutual respect between one of the old guard and a young and promising star! 

A Band from Italy, with a Celtic name for the band, can you tell me the reason behind to choose the name Celtic Hills?

CH – We live in a territory that was under the Kingdom of Austria until the First World War. Even before the Roman Empire, the Celtic population KARKELTOY was threatened here over time by the Romans. More in detail, the first garage where we started playing was in the Collio Friulano (DOC wine area) hence the idea of ​​going back to the origins … as a name and philosophy 

The band is knows for its extravagant and amazing vocals and the magnificent guitars that makes each of your song outstanding, how as a band you feel about the sound of Celtic Hills?

CH – CH – When I was young I studied opera singing and I did not drink and I did not smoke … now I am a heavy smoker and this leads me to sing as well as I can and I can no longer have a high and clean voice, but this is very rock ‘n’ roll: I try to do what I can! Hahaha As for the guitar sound I was born with the Marshall JCM900 where you had 3 sounds, clean, distorted and lead! Today I still play like that even though I use English and a little bit of pedals

What would be the next plans, especially on touring?

CH – Management has found dates in March 2022 to support bands and some festivals around Europe, but I have to wait for the signing of contracts to be able to provide the dates 

Would you like to share some great moments that you had over the years?

CH – I had a life in which I did many things: I studied a lot even while working, I did competitive sports in different disciplines and I had moments when I was also extremely poor! I could write a book, and we don’t have a lot of space here, but I think telling that time in 1991 in Munich during Oktoberfest I was so drunk that I thought I was secluded and hidden behind a bush .. I threw up all Universe .. .but I was near a police station! It did not end happily, but from the day after I tell it with great joy! 

What are the model and Instruments you use for making music, and why did you choose it, and why do you feel the brand is special for you guys?

CH – To play the metal genre you have to have the aptitude. It’s not about what you play, it’s about how you play it. Play is just a means by which you express yourself. There is only a diatonic scale and harmonic and melodic intervals. It is your heart that makes the music, your music. 

The band has an idea and concept in each album and EP, why the idea of a concept and what would be the future look like?

CH – Recording records is a bit like being a Chef in the kitchen … The restaurant remains the same, what changes are the recipes and the dishes on the menu 

Finally what is the message you want to deliver to the fans?

CH – CH – We try to share emotions that we can have in common with those who listen to our music. We think of life as a series of experiences that everyone has to face, we are like the older brother who tells his experiences to make people understand what awaits you … we tell about places, situations we know.Many fans come to Friuli to visit us from different parts of Europe. Friuli is a land where you can eat and drink well everywhere! (Friuli is not Italy, it is KARinzia, KARnia, KARso, land of the ancient Celts and includes Austria, Italy and Slovenja) 

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Celtic Hills are
Lord of the voice: Jonathan Vanderbilt            
Lord of the bass: Jacopo Novello
Lord of the drums:Simone Cescutti

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