Interview With Josip Malkoč Of New Castle’s “Purenvy”

Purenvy hail from the steel city of Newcastle, Australia. Fusing elements of thrash metal with harmonies reminiscent of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Purenvy have been perfecting their craft for many years, appealing to a wide range of heavy music fans, and attracting a loyal following along the way. 

After the 2013 release of their first album “As The Light Fades”, Purenvy focused on refining their style and released their second album “Redemption” in June 2018. “Redemption” received overwhelmingly positive reviews, including a feature on Wall of Sound’s podcast “Up Against the Wall”. The accompanying video for the single “Deception” has also gained popularity on social media for its creative take on the unique Australian metal scene. 

It was a great pleasure to have Josip to talk on the new single “Sweet Poison” and much more that has been happening with the band, Check out the awesome Josip on the below interview.

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