Interview With Justine Daaé Of French Nu Metal “Elyose”

French nu-metal/industrial duo ELYOSE are back with their fifth studio album, Déviante! The project features vocalist Justine Daaé (of The Erinyes) and guitarist/producer Anthony Chognard. The marriage of Daaé ethereal vocals in her native French and Chognard’s visceral songwriting ultimately yields a sound that is modern, punchy, and deeply emotional. The record is elevated by singles like “L’Assemblée” and “Retour au réel”.

ELYOSE is a Nu Metal / Nu Goth band from France. It’s a collaboration between the guitarist/producer Anthony Chognard (ex Smash Hit Combo) and vocalist Justine Daaé (The Erinyes). Anthony’s vivid songwriting and Justine’s ethereal feminine vocals in her native French result in a sound that’s punchy, modern and emotional.

It was my pleasure to have Justine to talk on the new album Déviante and much more, Check out the awesome Interview below and don’t forget to check out and buy Déviante.


01. Ils t’ont dit
02. Le glaive
03. Vendredi noir
04. L’emblème
05. Retour au réel
06. Humaine
07. Déviante
08. L’assemblée (feat. Cocozher)
09. De la lune à la terre
10. Retour au réel (Radio Mix)

Out On February 9, 2023

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