Interview With L.A.’s Fascinating Metal Band “Melted Bodies”

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today? 

Feelin’ good!

The Inevitable Fork Vol.1 EP to be out on Nov 25th, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind it?

Typically Andy will put together the bones of a song as a demo. We’ll rehearse it together as a workshopping exercise. From there Andy might go back and revise or it’ll be in good enough shape that we all individually start working on our own to make the parts uniquely ours. Then, once we start recording, sometimes a whole new phase of rewrites and revisions take place in the studio.

4 amazing metal songs, beautifully done, with amazing power and progression, how do you feel about this new EP?

Very excited. It took us a second to get our footing to ramp up the recording and release machine again. We’ve technically had these songs done for a minute, so we’re anxious to get them out because they’re just the beginning of what’s to come. 

Is there a concept behind this EP?

I would say yes, loosely. This EP is defined as a first chapter in the larger Inevitable Fork story, which will culminate into the next LP. Beyond that, it’s the tale of looking inward and wrestling with decisions of disparate paths in life. Paths of our own making versus the larger external situations we’re forced into, and reconciliation of the two – which I think we’re seeing people struggle with a lot in the world these days.

What are the release day specials you are planning to do?

Still figuring out all of the bells and whistles – which we have a lot of fun with generally.

How are the touring plans for 2022/2023?

They’re a lot of work! But well worth it. We’re exciting to start hitting some regions here in the US and in a perfect world some festivals too.

Do you have plans to come up with an official video?

Yes and no. It’s all about the idea — something that was really important on the last record. The concept really drove the work. Always excited about making videos, but they really play a much different role in this current era of music and the online world.

What would be some of the upcoming plans for the band?

Tour. Release more music. Release more one-off merch. Do some fun music and non-music collaborations. 

Formed in 2015, how has the road been so far?

Fun and a lot of work. We’re all close friends, so the memories are the biggest takeaway in a lot of ways. Where we go from here is icing on the cake.

Would you like to share some of the highlight moments for the band?

Putting out the first record, obviously, and finding a way to do it during lockdown. The MBtv streaming event still felt like there was a sense of community with all of us watching together.

Making the Ad People music video felt like a bit of a triumph as well even though some people love/hated us for it.

How as a band do you look in to the future?

A little older, a little wiser, and hoisted up on a gargantuan stage with the masses at our feet. 

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

You’re all insanely supportive and very freaky and we appreciate you for that. Every little message, every little social media share, we see. We love you for that.

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