Interview With Lampros Stathis Of Greece’s “Mind Erasure”

Mind Erasure  formed back in 2007 in Greece, they have released one demo and one promo before The album “CONNIVE”. Through the years many members came and left with more noticeable the founder member Dimitris Garnelis who left the band for personal reasons right after the recording of “CONNIVE” have finished.   They have shared the stage with many bands, such as, Rotting Christ, Planet Of Zeus & Temperance.

It was my pleasure to speak with Lampros Stathis on their latest release “Connive” and much more, Check out the amazing interview on the You Tube video below.

Track List

1: Proem
2: Pray For Salvation
3: Azrael
4: Mind Erasure
5: Connive
6: Cataphasia
7: Sore Eyes
8: Last Stand
9: As First Light never Comes Part I : Seal’s Break
10: As First Light never Comes Part II : Apocalypse
11: As First Light never Comes Part III : Life’s Epilogue.

Music Videos

The Band

Vasilis koskinas – Drums
Spyros Servos – Guitars
Lampros Stathis Vocals & Bass

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