Interview With Lining Redox

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the Editorial head, how are you guys doing?

Lining Redox: We’re doing quite well even if this quarantine didn’t allow us to keep the band’s work active,but now that spring has come there are less restrictions and we can slowly restart our idea

Back in December 2020 you released your debut “The Moral Scenery” can you tell me about the album and the process behind it?

Lining Redox: This album has been our first step in music, creating these songs has been a great experience for all of us, as we never worked on an entire album before, and the majority of the songs were created during the summer of 2019, looking at it right now we are quite satisfied with the final result, although,we are already starting to feel the desire to write new material.

Is the album based on any concept, would you like to share a bit about the concept/theme?

Lining Redox: Yeah, this is a concept album that talks about nowaday’s world throughout a story where the protagonist has a journey inside his mind to understand what he must accomplish in order to feel safe and free from the chains of the society he lives in, where our ideas and toughts are suffocated by the chaos that we live everyday.

How it all started for Lining Redox?

Lining Redox: It started a few years ago with a project named “Mezmerize” founded by the two guitarists Mattia and Ryan, and by the drummer Nicola and by the bassist Niccolai. Then we changed our name into “Nighthmare Fuel” and we were a cover band from dream theater and iron maiden. After a lot of line-up changes we decided in 2019 to definitely change our name in “Lining Redox” and start to compose new music.

A more Dream Theatre influenced is something I felt, have they been a huge influence to you guys?

Matteo: Dream theater has surely been an important band that influenced us quite a lot during our musical journey, and I think that the sound of the album has been shaped by the variety of musical influences of every member of the band, the songs acquired shape pretty spontaneously and every member included their style.

Nicola Prendin: Maybe for the guitarists! I am more of a thrash metal guy, but I was highly influenced also from nu and groove metal.

Nicola Baesso: I’m actually more influenced by Metallica, Megadeth and the thrash metal scene, but the huge presence of the DT influence helped me to shape my sound in a “prog” way.

Gianluca: In a sense they will always be. They set the lines progressive metal. Now, for me, I listen and love the other sound and styles but yes, DT will be everywhere and always

Ryan: Dream Theater are part of my musical background, they certainly have a great influence on my style of composing and also on my guitar style. John Petrucci is still one of my points of reference in the musical and guitar fields.

Mattia: Since we are supposed to do “progressive metal”, we learned from bands who are the masters of this genre like dream theater, but we want to become an original band with our original sounds and bring new and innovative material to the music scene.

Last year you came as the finalists in San Remo Rock, can you tell me a bit about that experience?

Matteo: It was an exciting experience where we learned a lot about ourselves as musicians and the music world, so I would say it really helped us to grow a lot not only as musicians but as a group of friends too.

Nicola Prendin: Well, the first days went out smooth as a lake, it was fun, you know, live together, sleep together and all that kind of stuff. Then, we got prey of stress and anxiety. We got a lot of arguments during that period and also became very unhappy when we discovered only pop bands managed to access to the final match. We just felt like we wasted a lot of money. But I think that if it was not for Sanremo Rock, it would have been a completely different experience.

Nicola Baesso: It was a pretty nice and bizzarre experience, I must say. Playing at the Ariston Theater was a big deal for sure, and Ariston’s coffee is amazing too!

Gianluca: It has been a beautiful experience. Beside the terrible organization of the event, it was a really amazing holyday with the guys and an astonishing feel just for playing at the Ariston Theater

Ryan: We were in Sanremo for about a week to participate in this festival. Playing at the ariston was definitely a super experience even if unfortunately the organization of the festival was very poor. Beside that, it was also a nice vacation to spend with the other band members to get to know each other better.

Mattia: San Remo rock was not a good experience at all, it lacked of organization and when we played there were a lot of technical problems

What would be the next plans for the band?

Lining Redox: We are currently writing some new ideas for the next album, and they’re quite promising I must say, now that the lockdown’s over we’re going to start working on them more seriously and we’re going to see how it goes, meanwhile we’re going to continue playing some concerts around the region.

Do you have a message for the readers and fans?

Lining Redox: Keep calm and listen to Lining Redox!