Interview With Live Like Animals

Live Like Animals the Sydney, Australia based Alternative metal band released their single “Bleach” on June 17th Globally and since been having remarkable notice and got themselves signed up with Hard Drive Agency.

Vocalist Nic Roy on the new single “Like many facing lockdown in 2020, I turned to my creative craft to manage the isolation. I looked to my musical influences for inspiration and found the way to handle my fruitless productivity was to invest myself into my more eccentric emotions. In this sense, Bleach allowed me to delve into my frustrations with society’s inability to accept and tolerate. Taking these first harmonic demos to our lovable producer, Brad Telfer, he was able to harness our original melodic ideas into a fully fledged lockdown anthem. I have to give major props to Harry, who directed our music video, and to Ryan, who was stuck in a gas mask and boiler suit for the whole day! Bleach represents a big creative shift for us as a band, and marks a new era of Live Like Animals”

It was a pleasure to have this conversation on the band and much more with Nic Roy, Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube Video.

Check Out The Music Video For Bleach: