Interview With Lotan

LOTAN (Leviathan) – The seven-headed dragon and the origin of chaos who began a war against the cosmic order and gods. Lotan is a raw melodic black metal band from Denmark. Formed by Phillip Kaaber (Vanir) and Martin Rubini (Vanir)

Lotan has released their critically acclaimed EP “Nihil Sacrum” in January 2021. And are now getting ready for yet another fierce release, entitled “Angelus Pestis”. Lotan’s lyrical universe is inspired by a mix between satanic spiritualism and existentialism. The music is melodic, heavy, and aggressive.

Kill your masters – kill your god.

Angelus Pestis was released on September 3 and It was a pleasure to speak to Martin on the release and more. Check out the below YouTube Video for the full coverage

  1. Interitus
  2. Invita Lucifer
  3. B43-MOAB
  4. In The Shadows Of A Falling Star
  5. Lion and Snakes

Line up:
Phillip Kaaber – guitars, bass
Martin Rubini – vocals