Interview With Margarita Monet Of Edge Of Paradise

Today is the day Edge Of Paradise release their much awaited fourth studio album “The Unknown” a massive album with the amazing vocals of Margarita and blazing guitars of Dave Bates and Ricky with thunder drums of Jamie, they are back again with a storm with The Unknown.

It was a pleasure for me to talk to the amazing and beautiful Margarita Monet on the new release and much more, check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.

Digital Paradise
My Method Your Madness
Tidal Wave
The Unknown
False Idols
You Touch You Die
One Last Time
Leaving Earth
Bound To The Rhythm
My Method Your Madness (Industrial Remix) Bonus Track

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The Band

Margarita Monet – Vocals, keys
Dave Bates – Guitars
Jamie Moreno – Drums
Ricky Bonazza – Bass

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