Interview With Metal Quintet From Bristol’s “In Fear”

In Fear are a ferocious metal quintet from Bristol UK who have been unstoppable since their formation in 2017. Since releasing their debut EP ‘Solace’ in early 2019 the band have gained ample footing in the UK scene, heading out on various tours, festival appearances and accruing over 750,000 streams online. The band have upcoming performances planned for UK Tech Fest, Burn It Down Festival and Wounded Festival. 

In Fear recently signed to UK label Year Of the Rat Records, and the new single ‘Doom Sequence’ is released on the 14th April 2023. The single continues the next phase for the band, where the band will release a brand new track every 2 weeks. Over the cycle the band have already had support from BBC Radio 1 (Alyx Holcombe + Nels Hylton’s shows), Knotfest, Rock Sound, Metal Hammer, Kerrang Radio, Prison Radio, Moshville Times, Total Rock Radio, Idobi Howl, Primordial Radio, Amazing Radio, Music Choice, and many other respected publications as well as official playlist support from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Napster and Pandora. 

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, How are you today?

We’re great thanks! Excited as ever to get the album out there and see how it’s received. So far the response has been nothing short of amazing so we’re hopeful for how the full release goes.

Tomorrow you are releasing your debut album “All Is, All Shall Be” Would you like to tell me about the songwriting and Production behind the album?

Of course! The writing process began in late 2018/early 2019 with the first single we released “Abyss”. We were working closely with George Lever (G1 Productions) to carve out a sonic identity for us after our EP “Solace”. Writing this song was really a pivotal moment for the band as we instantly clicked on an audible theme afterwards and quickly started churning out more songs a lot more consistently.

So writing aside, it was the production that really took its toll on the timeframe. While George was still mixing and mastering the album, we had decided to self produce, which turned out to be a large learning curve. In the four years it took, we recorded all guitars at least 3 times, bass twice, programmed sample drums, scrapped said sample drums, I built a studio to track drums in and then finally tracked drums and vocals there. 

Safe to say it’s been a long haul but the experience we have gathered along the way is invaluable.

Was there any concept or a theme that goes behind the album?

There is! AIASB is actually a concept album following a character trapped in purgatory, repeating crimes from their past life until they accept their wrongdoings and move on to the afterlife.

This is based around the idea that people will always justify that their point of view is right, no matter how wrong it may actually be, but the only way to move on is to accept the pain they have caused and learn from it.

14 Mind blowing Songs, The album is powerful, full of energy, Great melodies, Amazing progression, grinding metal, it has a blend of everything, Totally loved it, how as a band do you feel about the outcome of the album?

Being the first full body of work we have released, we couldn’t be happier with it.

Having an even blend between heavy and ambient was exactly what we set out to do and I think we pulled that off without anything feeling too out of place. Hats off to Ryan on that one, he made the transitions between songs flawless.

Do you guys have any special plans tomorrow the day of the release?

Not for the day itself but we are putting on 2 local shows to show appreciation to all of our close friends who have supported us not only over the album but from day 1.

These are in Exeter and Cheltenham on the 19th and 20th May.

Any big touring plans in 2023?

So far we have a UK tour planned out for July hitting London, Newcastle, Bristol, Luton, Manchester, Birmingham and Bournemouth that we’re really looking forward to!

Aside from that we’re appearing at the last UK Tech Fest in Newark and Burn It Down Festival in Torquay.

The band was formed in 2017 with your first EP “Solace” in 2019, how has the journey been so far?

It’s been a wild one for sure, even considering we’re still a relatively new band. We’ve had multiple member changes, mostly in the first year, but the big one being our change of vocalist after the pandemic. But since then we’ve been out on some great tours with top tier UK bands, played multiple festivals and just generally had a good time. 

Would you like to Introduce In Fear to the International Audience, who will be hearing for the first time?

We’re a Metal band from Bristol in the United Kingdom, we’re releasing our debut album titled ‘All Is. All Shall Be.’ on 5th May 2023 via Year Of The Rat Records. If you enjoy bands like Northlane, Silent Planet, Thornhill or Loathe then I’d recommend checking it out. We’ve been a band since 2017 and been on a number of UK tours, we’re yet to tour overseas but when we do we hope to see you at some shows!

What would be some of the highlight moments for the band?

Definitely playing main stage at UK Tech Fest in 2021, this was a highlight for us in terms of live shows as it was a fantastic opportunity for us as a band to play in front of a large audience. Also releasing ‘Abyss’ as this was the first single we released from our album, the song was written back in 2018 and it was just such an amazing feeling to finally get it out there! 

Any upcoming plans that you want to share with me?

We recently announced our UK Tour to celebrate the release of our debut album, ‘The Lesson in Death’ Tour is in July 2023 and we’ll be playing a number of major cities in the UK: London, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Luton and Bristol – head over to socials for more info and tickets!

What would be the Biggest dream?

Playing Main Stage at Download festival in the UK, that would be the ultimate dream come true. 

How do you focus on the future of In Fear, are you looking for more experimentation towards the music?

We definitely are. We want to push the boundaries with the sound we created on AIASB, the heavy parts will be heavier, the softer parts will be softer, we just want to get weird with it.

All the reviews we’ve had back tend to mention pushing our sound in both those directions so it’s actually very comforting to know that we were already working on that beforehand.

Finally what would be the message for the fans around the world?

Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us throughout the release cycle of this album, the response we’ve had has been incredible and we’re so grateful. Enjoy the album and let us know what your favourite songs are! If you haven’t already picked up some merch, we have exclusive album merch available on our website –

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