Interview With Mistheria – A Musical Genius

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the editorial head, it’s an honor to be in an Interview with you Mistheria, how are you doing?

Hello Keith, I’m glad to talk with you and to all Metalheads Forever Magazine, thanks for the invitation!

Last October 2020, you released your album “Dreams”, it’s 14 original compositions and the finale with the most amazing G.F. Handel’s Pena Tiranna, can you tell me about the composition and production behind this album?

“Dreams” is my third album, part of my New-Age/Classical production. It’s an album truly intimate, meditative, and introspective. It collects songs written over my career that didn’t have a place in the previous records, plus a couple new songs. As in my “tradition” I included a classical masterpiece, this tne the wonderful G. F. Handel’s “Pena Tiranna”, arranged for Piano solo by myself.

The album in full is a grace to society, such a beautiful composition of music, your music takes one to a heavenly bliss, how do you feel about the composition of the album in its entirety?

Thank you for the nice feedback! “Dreams” is a “lightly deep” album, as said really introspective, it tells about some of my wishes and dreams… It’s a musical fairytale over my life so far. The last song composed (improvised actually) for the album says it all: “Belongs to my Life”. I want people who listen to the record “disconnects” for about 50 minutes from this earth and take-off to their own dreams…

You have collaborated with some amazing beautiful talents as guest musicians in this album, each one has brought something great to this album, thanks to each one of those amazing ladies and the people involved to bring a masterpiece into the world with the grace of your composition, how do you feel to work with them?

Those ladies are simply amazing both as people and musicians. Wonderful friends with whom I’ve already collaborated in the past for other albums (and on stage) and had the huge pleasure to make music together again. Their interpretation of my music was outstanding and took it to the next level!

“Dreams are such an important part of our lives, in dreams we plant the seeds of our future. As such it is my hope that this album inspires you not only to keep your dreams alive but turn the impossible into reality”. Wow such amazing words that each one needs in this time, great people dreamed and brought their dreams to reality that’s why they are being remembered even now. What were your thoughts on dreams, what would you like to tell the world at this time?

The message behind the songs is simply to enjoy each moment we’re allowed to share with our times, people, friends, loved ones, making them part of our path that brings to everyone’s dream. As you recalled in the quote written in the booklet of my record, dreams are important to create the future, pushing us to reach a goal is the engine that drives this world. Making a dream come true means having realized a part of ourselves and positively predisposing ourselves to the society in which we live, often also means having done something good for others.We inspire each other, dreams should become “viral” to make this world a better place.

You have mentioned about your parents dedicating themselves to bring your dreams to reality, can you tell me a bit about that?

My dad started me with music. My mom was driving me twice per week, over many years, to take music lessons. Both supported me incessantly during my life, still now. Without them nothing of my music life would exist. My dream as a musician would never have come true without them.

Can you tell me at what age you started to play Piano and what made you get into piano other than any instrument?

I started learning music when I was 6. My dad wanted it, and I liked it. I started studying Accordion and music theory. At 13 I entered the Music Conservatory in the “Organ and Composition” class. I loved that majestic instrument and its massive sound. The course requires learning Piano first. I graduated in Organ, although I’ve always loved Piano, especially to compose and perform my own music.

You have played along with some of the big Rock/Metal bands, like Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock, Roy Z, Edu Falaschi, Mark Boals, and many others. How was your impression about them and what was it like to play with heavier bands like them?

I had the great honor to collaborate, both in studio and live, with some of the greatest artists and bands, such as those that you mentioned and hundreds more. Lucky enough I would say. Each experience was amazing, precious and unforgettable. Forging music for any of them was priceless, laying keyboards and orchestrating, arranging and creating, adding something more to a song or an album, all together is a piece of my heart that beats…

Apart from music, you are also a producer, sound creator/designer, teacher endorser and demonstrator for hardware/software of music brands, man of talents I would say, is there anything that your hands don’t touch, wow I’m impressed by you, how do you manage all of these?

Thanks a lot again 🙂 Well, music is my passion and job since ever. I like computer music and technology applied to music, teaching and demonstrating were the first jobs that allowed me to turn a passion into a “survival activity”, synthesisers made me fall in love with Prog and Metal music. Programming sounds is a creative add-on to my work. Music is a world that I love to discover as much as I can, as long as I am allowed to live…

“Vivaldi Metal Project” is something notable and big , and this is acclaimed worldwide as the largest symphonic-Metal Opera project ever created. Can you tell me a bit about this experience?

The Vivaldi Metal Project probably is the summa of my concept of Music. It mixes my Classical and Rock sides. It injects my love for the greatest composers to my Metal blood. Especially, the project makes my vision of creating music real, allowing any single artist involved to put a piece of their art and ideas into it. Collaboration is the key to create what someone else would never think about, and that’s how something special can happen. The Vivaldi Metal Project is the normal evolution of my solo albums published from 2004 until 2010, works in which I have always collaborated with other artists, never had a “regular” band. I like to discover new sound worlds besides mine, and this is only possible by collaborating with other musicians. I think it is the most beautiful and interesting aspect of making music.

What would be the greatest moments in your career that you would like to share with the fans?

My first prog-metal album “Messenger of the Gods”, starting working with Roy Z and Rob Rock. Recording on Bruce Dickinson’s album “Tyranny of Souls”. Create the Vivaldi Metal Project.

You are a musical genius, a great composer, I would rather call you a modern-day Handel or Beethoven. The world is happy to have you, music is beyond genre, your music proves it time after time, your music can touch anybody, how has the musical journey been for you?

I’m flattered by your words, I’m not sure I deserve such a beautiful introduction, especially compared to those real Genius you mentioned. I appreciate your message though. I simply feel like a lucky person that crossed natural attitudes and skills, let’s say talent, in life and, probably, the exact purpose I was born for. 100% match. That’s (wonderful) luck 🙂

Thanks for taking us on this beautiful journey of music called “Dreams”, it’s a huge milestone in the music of the modern world. Let’s dream and make it a worthy one for our generation and the generations to come and make this world a better place for everyone. Finally what would be the message you want to give to the world and for the lovers of music around the globe?

We are born and live for a purpose, and we achieve our goals by dreaming them first. As I often like to remind myself and my students: “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” (A. P. J. Abdul Kalam). Thank you again for inviting me and such a nice conversation. To all of you readers, please do keep your dreams alive and teach others to follow their own dreams…