Interview With Moonreflex

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, the editorial head, how are you doing today?

Hi Keith!  Very well because we are full of energy and love for our music as always, despite the delicate period that the whole world is experiencing, we can find the strength today more than to produce content rich in meaning and musical avant-garde . ” We wrote several pieces to give hope, trust, energy and courage to the people who listen to us, to give value to music and value to life” this is the key to our happiness, and we thank you for this space dedicated to us

Can you tell me about your recent album “Resurrection”  about the writing and production behind it?

Resurrection is an invitation to rebirth and improvement, an album that speaks of peace at full energy and crosses you inside with positivity, at very high frequencies! Our album contains Atmosphere, Power, Technique and Innovation: all the best of our music in 10 Wonderful tracks to listen to Everywhere!

Did you place a theme or concept behind the album?

Absolutely yes! The concept album Resurrection contains ten unmissable tracks for avant-garde content and sound, connected to each other by a synergic thread full of technique, energy, talent and meaning, It’s an album intense, danceable, futuristic and focused on topics of knowledge, awakening, peace and the protection of our planet. With the song ‘Stop all war’ we literally shout our rejection for all kinds of violence;  ‘The reason for change’ is the song with which we invite people to be firsthand the positive change that we want to see happening in the world, sung and composed on a succession of sounds full of positive energy.   ‘Resurrection’  It is a song that tells of our irrepressible desire to overturn all the hatred of the world in love, brotherhood and sharing’ created through a constant progression of sound that breaks every barrier. . vocal and instrumental power in unison with a message that as always starts from the heart, to instill awakening, courage and love. ‘Cosmic brothers’ instead tells of an intergalactic journey between knowledge, introspection, galaxies and documented ufological sightings: the story of the world told through a song full of light energy and positive vibrations,  ‘Heroes’ is a concentrate of adrenaline whose video was shot entirely here in Puglia, Italy  (birthplace of the project Moonreflex ) and was written to celebrate the heroes who every day support peace and the protection of social freedoms, a piece that as always stands in favor of those with courage, lives ethically and actively their lives. Finally in our Album we wanted to insert a special track Syncronicity with which we prepare our fans to the evolution even more futuristic of our next projects

How did Moonreflex started for you guys?

Surely it is a project that maybe has always existed.. in the sense that our history and that of the Moonreflex project is really magical… Our project was born in this wonderful land that is Puglia: I Jennifer, singer and voice of the project Moonreflex, meeting Giuseppe, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, 1year and ½ after the birth of this project that I initially lived with other musicians, But it’s just since our great encounter that the true adventure of the Moonreflex starts: Our great desire to conform to nothing and no one, to experiment together and work hard with tenacity and dedication to create something unique in both sound and content has generated what has been called the phenomenon Moonreflex. 

I immediately fell in love with Giuseppe’s highly technical and expressive way of playing: he captured me completely from the first note, and he fell in love instantly with my voice: it was love at first sight… so little by little the line up has been totally upset: the band has become a power duo and since that day we have never stopped working hard to create something totally new, new and indelible from a creative, technical and content point of view. the fact that vocally are sometimes also included vocal movements derived from blues rock, helps to enrich the whole because the technique and the power of thrash metal is filled with soul and atmosphere: this makes it even more unique, engaging and complete.

Being almost 7 years in the music business, how do you guys feel about the success and global reach of the band?

We are pleased to be at the center of numerous interviews and a bit in all international radio stations with our music: this fills us with joy and repays us for all the work done, it is a great emotion.. success is not at the center of our project: we care to convey important messages, unify all peoples with energetic and positive sounds, rich in technique but above all in spirit.. leave an indelible mark on the music scene that speaks of us forever and that can be a source of inspiration for other musicians..

Going forward what would be the plans for the band?

In addition to the preparation of a collection containing all our rock ballads (excerpts from the album ‘Storm in all the universe’ and ‘Resurrection’ with 3 unreleased tracks), we’re also preparing a dvd with our path from the origins to today ..and.. of course.. the most important thing of all: we’re already working on our next album, even more elaborate and full of sounds and we can not wait to resume with the next live stages around Italy and the world!

What would be some of the greatest happenings for the band?

Our fusion, the realization of our Album ‘Storm in all the universe’ and ‘Resurrection’,
The first Live shows that made us complicit with each other and more and more in love with what we do, the interviews that allowed us to tolk to our fans, and introduce ourselves to those who still did not know us, the awards received for some songs that have also become the opening theme of the rock festival of Sanremo here in Italy,  the international Top ten in which we find our music..

What would be the message for the readers and fans?

Discover your gift and cultivate it: all of us are positive energy, we must all try to become aware that each gesture, every action if positive can improve the world in which we live destabilize violence in all its derivation, for this it is important to listen and create positive music, like that of Moonreflex!