Interview With Mordian

Greetings From Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, the Editorial Head, how are you today?

I am doing well, thank you for asking!

On July 2nd you released your single “January Moon” Can you tell me a bit about the song writing and production behind this single?

For the writing, I wrote the first section on my acoustic and went from there, it didn’t feel complete to me ending it there, so I wrote the other two sections. Production wise, I sent my producer a demo and then we started working on it, the process was different than usual since we were working on most of it during covid. I recorded all the vocals aside from the spoken word at home. I was nervous about it at first but I grew to like the process and comfort.

The song was beautifully arranged, with multiple sections, with your beautiful angelic voice, clean guitars and slowly hitting high and boom with more power to the song, that is totally brilliant and was so great to listen to, and made me oh please don’t stop, keep going on, Such a great song, Thanks for this beautiful one, being the one who did everything, how did you feel about the outcome? 

Thank you! I think it turned out the best it could for what it is. For a while I was trying to make the song fit together better while still keeping everything I wrote for it, but I eventually decided to just let it be the way it wants to. That is one reason why is it so different from the material on the EP, I tried not to spend time analyzing it or sticking to any structures.

Is there a plan for a full length album in the near future to go along with this single?

There is indeed! I will be releasing other material beforehand though.

In 2019 you released your debut Romance In Disguise, an another beautiful album, vocally an amazing one, how successful and how was the global reach of the album?

The reach has been international, as well as the admiration of the EP, I am grateful!

You have also performed in stage with DiAmorte as character “Fayte”in the theatre musical, how does it feel to be part of the act, can you tell me a bit about the experience on that?

Being a member of DiAmorte is a lot of fun! Even though some of us live in different states and countries, the collaboration and environment is great. I am excited to perform on stage with them in 2022!

Can you tell me how the musical journey started in your life?

I’ve loved music ever since I can remember. I would compose small songs on the piano when I was little and I guess it’s gone from there!

Your vocals are something that words can hardly express, how great it is, can you tell me about your vocal trainings and how you perfected the art of singing?

That means so much to me! I had some vocal training as a child from two great teachers, John Komasa and Joy Richards, they really encouraged me to do what I love. I haven’t taken lessons in a few years now, I still have much to learn!

Can you tell me about your touring experience and how music has been in your life over the years?

I have never been on tour, but hopefully that will change in the next year or so.

What would be some of the great moments that you had over the years?

Getting a review in Metal Hammer was a really cool personal achievement for me, but I’ve had a lot of great times working on and performing music. Most of the time it’s the people you’re with that make the moments truly great!

Do you give vocal training, and what would you say to people who would love to take you as a role model in singing?

I would love to in the future, maybe when I feel more qualified to teach others. I would say that I am grateful to be an inspiration for them, though it is important to find your own voice and sing what you intuitively love.

What would be the message for the fans?

If you’re reading this right now, thank you for being here and supporting independent music! I can’t wait to put out more material and I won’t let you down!

Thank You for the beautiful music, I wish you all great success in your journey of music, keep spreading the joy of music.

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