Interview With Nashville’s Abby K

Abby K is a bassist, vocalist, and songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. She picked up the bass at age 13 after being influenced by Gene Simmons at a KISS Concert. Months into her musical journey, she was 1 of 3 bassists in the United States selected to attend GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, CA. She claims that her proudest moment was when Nita Strauss joined her onstage to perform Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”. Since then, she has developed her own style of musicianship which is commonly described as the love child of Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Lita Ford.

Abby K is storming Nashville and US and soon will be in your neighbourhood, She is highly talented and amazing musician. It was a great pleasure to have this lovely young lady on an Interview. Check out the awesome Abby K on the below YouTube video.

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The Band

Abby K – Vocals, Bass
Diego – Guitars
Zach – Drums

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