Interview With NiaC

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, How are you today?

 I’m fine , thank you. I’m little bit tired ? Too much project in mind but everything is fine.

Last Year you put up your second album “Descend” . Would you like to tell me about this album, the making and production behind it?

 After the release of the first album, Neo-Pandemonium, i had in mind to record some new songs but with metal influence. It was really difficult to mix the work on the first release and the new idea. But it was so excited to experiment. 

7 amazing songs, giving a retro feel of the 80’s with Electronic fusioned with Dark Syth and a blend of Rock/metal. How do you feel about the outcome?

 I think i found my new path. I really enjoy to made it. I already start to work on new records to go deeper in the idea. My first love was the black metal and it’s good insert metal with synth. 

1.First Crime
3.The Pit
5.No Escape

Does this musical composition has a concept behind it?

 Of course. I had already a concept with my other bands. In my metal bands, i tell the story of an angel who felt on Earth to help Mankind called the Nightstalker. In NiaC, i tell the story of another character but in the same universe than the Nightstalker. I would like to go deeper in the story.

What are you current plans for NiaC?

News records and start to playing in live session. I would like to go out of the studio and jump on stage. I started to train some songs alone and it work perfectly. I need to have a new perspective of gigs but i think i’m found the right way.

Would you like to tell me how this band was formed?

I´m a huge fan of cinema. Specially of the John Carpenter´s movie. And after watching Escape from New York, i felt in love for the synth. The main theme of Assault on precinpth 13 is just amazing. I need3d to try to create something line this and finally i recorded a lot of tracks.

What would be some of the upcoming plans for NiaC?

 A new album soon, i hope.

Do you plan to bring vocals in the future for NiaC?

Honestly, why not for one or two tracks. But i prefer to stay instrumental. Take the time to let the listeners imagine with only the music ans the title. 

What would be some of the highlight moments of your career?

There are too many. Maybe the release of the movie and the RPG game. It’s always amazing to sse our work going at the end. It’s like i close a book and go to another project. Honestly, the second movie was really amazing too. It was a real team work. Too many memories with this question. In fact, i don’t know.

Do you have other projects other than NiaC?

Oh yes. To many i think. I created a role playing game based on my other metal project (The Nightstalker and Sercati). I´m working on the campaign. In the same time, i finish my second movie (always based on the Nightstalker story) called The Nightstalker case : investigation. And i´m writing my new book. Too much work.

Do you plan to experiment with more different music in the future?

Maybe, i don’t know. I record a lot of different of music, specially RPG music theme these days. I created a OST for my future add-on of my RPG game. It was really fun to record. Each track are very long to let the ambiance take life.

What would be the message for the fans?

Thanks for the reading and stay tuned