Interview With Niklas Stalvind Of “Wolf” The Swedish Heavy Metal Legends

Wolf. Bilder skivsläpp. Bilder: Per Knutsson.

Swedish Heavy Metal Legends Wolf continue their legacy of more than 25 years (and counting) on the band’s ninth studio album, ‘Shadowland’. Led by founding vocalist/guitarist Niklas Stalvind, the new LP is the band’s sixth offering on Century Media Records; boasting eleven tracks of intrepid, old school power metal. Throughout their tenure of more than a quarter-century, Wolf have toured with some of metal’s most respected names. Revered by fans for invoking the untamed bravado of bands like Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate, the group balances harrowing, sky-piercing vocal performances with rollicking guitars and power-punching drum beats on ‘Shadowland’.

It was my pleasure to have Niklas Stalvind the founding member of the band to talk about Shadowland and much more. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube.

1. Dust 
2. Visions for the Blind
3. The Time Machine 
4. Evil Lives 
5. Seek the Silence 
6. Shadowland 
7. The Ill-fated Mr. Mordrake
8. Rasputin 
9. Exit Sign 
10. Into the Black Hole
11. Trail by Fire (Bonus track) 

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The Band

Niklas Stalvind (vocals, guitar)
Simon Johansson (guitar)
Pontus Egberg (bass)
Johan Koleberg (drums)

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