Interview With Niviane

Greetings From Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, The Editorial Head, how are you today? 

Very well, thank you

October 30th 2020, you released your Second Full-Length Album, Can you tell me a bit about the songwriting and production behind the album? 

“The Ruthless Divine”, which was our second full length release, we reached out to Zack Ohren who has worked with bands such as Machine Head, Exmortus, All Shall Perish and more. We wanted more of a modern metal sound to this album and Zach has a large background with metal bands, so it just fit. 

1.League Of Shadows
2.Crown Of Thorns
3.Dreams Crash Down
4.The Ruthless Divine
5.Fires In The Sky
6.Fallen From Elysium
7.Forgotten Centurion
10.Sinking Ships
11.Like Lions

The songwriting was a little different this time around. Our first album was more focused on battles and fighting, Vikings, gladiators and such. This album, I think the songwriting tackles different themes…..troubled relationships, fantasy, brotherhood and of course……warriors and epic battels! 

All of us have recording studios in our home so most of the instrumental work is done on our own time. We submit the music to Norman and then he ultimately decides if he can work with what’s been submitted and writes the lyrics. Psychomanteum was actually written on New Year’s Eve in our rehearsal studio by myself, Mark and Rick. Hopefully we can collaborate together more in the studio for future songs. 

Was there any concept that was put behind the album? 

Funny, we get asked this question a lot but there are no concept ideas to either album. 

A Fascinating cover art was set for this album, can you tell me about it? 

We have used Dusan Markovic for both The Druid King and The Ruthless Divine. We have been thoroughly impressed with his work. Typically, Norman will have an idea for the album cover artwork, then hand his idea to Dusan. The result is a bad ass album cover in the end! 

Long Time Drummer Noe Luna’s leaving and new drummer Isaiah joined the band, that was a real quick finding for the band, can you tell me how you guys found him, and how do you feel to work with him? 

We got very lucky in finding Isaiah. Mark had reached out to Isaiah and had asked him to help us with rehearsals for the interim. This had all taken place during COVID, we wanted to continue to rehearse, but with Noe departing, it was difficult to have a productive rehearsal. Isaiah had shown up, but really wasn’t telling us how committed he was. Isaiah is a super talented drummer and knew our stuff almost immediately. I would keep asking him, “do you want to be our drummer fulltime” and I couldn’t get a yes or no out of him. And then finally, he decided he wanted to be behind the kit for us fulltime. Again, Isaiah is a super talented drummer, has an incredible ear for music and he is a perfect fit. We love working with him regardless if it’s in the studio working on a new song or if its live. 

Can you tell me about your Tour with Soulfly? 

Our tour with Soulfly was amazing. We had an incredible time being on tour with those guys and they have a great camp. We were the “unknowns” on the tour. Many nights, we would hit the stage and you could see the fans were like “who are these guys” and within the first song, fists are raised, heads are banging and when we were done, our merch table would be flooded with new fans. We also got to play in many different cities and states that we haven’t played in before. 

You are also back in the studio for the next album, how that is coming up? 

Yes, we are. We just finished up the drum tracks with Nick Loicono at Fang Studios in San Mateo. We go back on April 1st to track guitars and bass. Nick works side by side with Zack Ohren. Just watching him work with Isaiah and his attention to detail with the drum tracks helped make the decision to track guitars with him as well. Zack will ultimately be producing the new album once its ready. This will be another 11 track full length album so we are really excited to be in this process.

Niviane was formed in 2014, how has the journey been so far? 

The journey has been incredible. We are all like-minded. There’s no egos, no idiots, we have all toured together on an RV and not killed one another, each of us writes songs that really fit with the core sound of Niviane. Every song has input from every member and I think when you combine all of this together, we have a brotherhood that forms the band. 

What would some of the big moments for the band?

 We have had quite a few. We have opened for Testament, Amon Amarth, We’ve toured with Soulfly. This band has gotten the opportunity to tour over 20,000 miles of America and Canada over the last 5 years.

What would be the big dreams? 

Of course, we all quit our day jobs and do this full time. But we also understand the music industry isn’t what it used to be. The internet and streaming have killed bands today. I often say that we are “over glorified T-Shirt salesman” when we are out on tour because this is really how we make our money today. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love going out and seeing new faces, playing in new places, meeting new fans and hearing people say something like “Holy shit….you guys are what metal should be”. But yeah…..I think if you asked each of us individually, we would all say we want to quit our jobs and be rockstars!  

How does the band look into the future of Power Metal? 

I think we are doing something that not a lot of bands are doing. I also think we are fortunate enough to have the talent to pull it off. We have the super heavy riffs, the melodic vocals, the growls, the atmospheric keys,  the dueling harmony guitars, two guitarists and a keyboardist  who can shred, the ability to write technical yet catchy music and not sound like cookie monster metal. Right now, I think we have a very strong approach into the future of power metal. We have been described as having a European power metal sound, but we label it as the New Breed of American Power Metal.

What would be the biggest milestone for the band? 

Again, quit our day jobs and do this full time. If we can’t do that, then continue to write, record and tour for as long as we can.

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

I think that would be thank you for the support! No matter where we play, we have come across some of the best metal fans around! We certainly cannot do this without them. Norman always says “you can’t have too many metal friends”. There’s a lot of truth to that! I certainly don’t want to get so big that I forget who it was that got me there. Your fans will always be there, they are the ones buying our merch and coming to our shows. So in the end, I believe the message is thank you and we will be seeing you all soon!