Interview With North Carolina’s Extreme Metal | Sagen

SAGEN seamlessly incorporates many of the stylistic differences between death, thrash, groove, technical, and progressive metal into a unique and foreboding wall of creative sounds. Their music centers on intriguing and crushing riffs, acrobatic and shredding guitar solos, punishing and intricate drum beats, and in-your-face and aggressive vocals. Each SAGEN album tells a captivating story that is sure to create a lasting impact on the listener. 

It was a pleasure to have a nice chat with the amazing boys of Sagen. Check out the below Interview on YouTube.


1. Hunted (3:53) 

2. Mammoth (8:01) 

3. Consequences (5:21) 

4. Appointed (6:34)

5. Cracked (8:36)

6. The Slaughter (7:08)

7. Coward (instrumental) (10:28)

8. Becoming the Alpha (4:37)

9. Tusk (5:45)

10. Atonement (8:27)

Running time 67:30

Music Videos

Sagen – The Band

Adam Cheatham – Vocals 

Jordan Brown – Lead Guitar 

Stephen Hegarty – Rhythm Guitar/Bass

Derek Kinney – Drums 

Sagen On Socials





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