It was a pleasure to have a chat with these guys, after seeing the photograph i guess no introduction is required, Lets go straight to the Interview.

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how are you today?
Donny: I feel really good. I feel very strong, I feel better than I did 20 years ago, and you know what’s really great is I’m really shredding better than I ever have.…you can ask Vlad, you can ask anybody. My hands are literally glowing as am I sweeping this 8-string and it’s really just something great.

On October 30th you will be releasing A Clear and Present Rager? Can you tell me about the production behind it?
Vlad: We recorded with the very prestigious Dave Otero at Flatline Audio. Back in 2010 I recorded my singing the American classic “Blueberry Hill” with Dave. Immediately I was reminded of an old Russian saying “От чрезмерного знания голова лысеет,” in English is “Too much knowledge makes the head bald”. It must be true because he knows so much about how to make the mix crush, that it keeps his head so hairless.

Kimmy: Dave pushed hard, because he is a most supreme drummer. He has excellent preamps, and he is swift and cunning with his suggestions for excellency. We were all very proud with the speed with which we crafted “A Clear and Present Rager,” with drums, guitar, and bass taking only one half-day.

President Donny, Vlad, and Kimmy, how did it all started and what made you to start a band and make music?
Donny:     It’s a very interesting thing to say, but Kimmy and I developed a very, very good relationship. We met a few times and started exchanging love letters, I call them love letters, because we fell in love. He’s never had a relationship with anybody from this country and hasn’t had lots of relationships anywhere, which is sad because you’d be very surprised…very funny, very smart, great negotiator and boy lemme tell you his double pedal, his hand work…just phenomenal. I knew we had to start a band. So we talked music, we talked George Bush-Era Anthrax, it’s John Bush but I like to call it George Bush because I’m very funny with Kim. But we like Gloria Estefan, we like Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders, so it was really very natural us coming together. So we needed a third member, we needed bass, and even though I’m really very tremendous at bass my heart is with the guitar. Kim’s really a great guitarist too, you know he could drive when he was 3? Tremendously talented but really we needed him on drums and I said we’ve gotta have you on drums Kim- so we needed bass. I brought up Vlad, Kim has heard him sing and play piano, and I said but can he slap, that’s when we came across his Bill Wither’s cover of “Lovely Day”. We were both so impressed, we had to have him. The rest is history.

Politically indifferent but united to make music and bring the world together, what is your mission?
Kimmy: The difficulties the world faces today are much like the 97-98 season of the Chicago Bulls. You can have Michael Jordan, but you need to have Dennis Rodman, and you must have Scottie Pippen. That is us.

Vlad: I think what Kimmy is trying to say is we are a great team. Musically we knew this instantly, but what we came to find out was the music was bringing about a sense of peace amongst us, and it was spreading to the people around us. Politics do nothing but divide, but music unites. So we knew. Music is the answer. That is our mission- to bring peace to the world with music instead of politics.

What is the theme that you have put behind this album?

Kimmy: It is obvious with the title, but I want to ask you who approved your haircut ? You are not allowed to have this haircut.

Donny: I always heard this phrase, I hear it a lot… “a clear and present danger”, and I said you know what, this is a party, a real rager, that we’re doing with this music …we’re making the whole world a great party again, and that’s what this EP is, it’s “A Clear and Present Rager”.

What kind of change you would love to bring in to this world?
Vlad- We want to sow seeds of bipartisanship, of compassion, and of empathy through our music.

Donny- I agree with Vlad, we have to unite the left and right hand of our world into a handshake. You know you’ve got great hands in the world, so many hands…the best hands from all over the planet. We’ve got to get them in the air throwing horns at us at a festival, not throwing rocks at each other. Nobody else can do that but us, and they’ve tried, believe me.

Kimmy- I want to hang out with famous basketball players.

Donny, as elections are nearing in November, what is your message through this album to the world?
Donny-  Biden don’t shred.

Going forward what would be the plans for the band?
Vlad: We have very many fans already that are calling for us to play live for them, to spread this peace. As you know we are all very busy men, and I have many hobbies I love, skiing, motorcycling, white-water rafting, fishing, hunting, horse-back riding, judo, boating, dogs, swimming, hockey, flying ultralights with endangered Siberian cranes in a billowy white outfit with matching helmet, and many other things. But in my heart I am most happy playing bass. So we will play. We will play all over the world.

You guys have come together on one thing in common, that is to bring world peace, how do you plan to achieve it?
Donny- You know like my brother Vlad just said, we are going to play all over the world, and when you hear us play you will know peace, you really will, and we’re gonna make so many records…we’ve got the full support of Metal Blade records as you know, and we’re gonna make the best records and play them for you and you’re gonna be peaceful.

President Donald Trump, President Vladimir Putin and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, what would you like to tell your fans and everyone around the world

Kimmy- If you’re house is on fire, save my picture first, then save yourself….and keep dribbling, you must not stop dribbling. Traveling is an unacceptable and shameful turnover.

Vlad- Надо исполнять закон всегда, а не только тогда, когда схватили за одно место!

Donny- I think Vlad was making a reference to “Grab em by the Pyongyang”. He’s very funny when you get to know him! But really I just want to thank everyone I’m so thankful for all the support we’ve received whether it’s on television or reading about it, I most of all appreciate any one who has pre-ordered the EP or some of our tremendous merchandise at, you’re doing you part to bring peace to this wonderful planet God has blessed us to perform our music on. Thank you and God Bless you.

It’s a pleasure to have this interview with you, thanks for this beautiful music., World Peace!


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