Interview With Poland’s Thrash/Heavy Metal Band “Airstrike”

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, How are you today?

Kornel: I’m fine, thank you. And you? 

On the 18th Of this month you will be releasing your album “Power In Your Hand” would you like to tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album? 

Kornel: Most of the songs are pretty old and composed by Daniel and Mariusz who actually formed the band. When me and Maciek joined Airstrike we all started planning the process of recording long play record, we all started working on the final arrangements. After the team was formed we all created just one song which is included on this album – the one called “Stop Breathing”. We practiced them at rehearsals and concerts and picked 11 to put on “Power In Your Hand” LP. The recordings were made by Darek Witkowski (MegaWatt Studio). As some said it was a long period of gestation but at the end we bring you eleven killing tracks. 

Was there any particular concept behind the album? 

Kornel: All lyrics were written by Daniel. His thoughts concern human psychology, they touch upon war and injustice affecting all people living under the yoke of politicians. When you add strong riffs and fast rythms you have clear concept to make people stronger by our art. 

The Cover-art has some kind of deep meaning towards it, would you like to tell me about the theme of the cover-art? 

Kornel: The theme is simple – some flying crew is dropping the bomb, which is the tool giving them power. However, they are just tools too in the hands of politicians who have true power. This bomb could be also our music and it’s just another bomb track! 😉 

11 Powerful, on full throttle of energy, with the awesomeness of metal, storming our houses, a great piece of work, How as a band do you feel about the outcome? 

Kornel: We’re very (very) excited. It’s a debut for all of us and we can’t wait to see people’s reactions. During our stage activities, we had contact with a good reception from fans, but the album available all over the world is a completely new experience. 

Do you have any special release day plans? 

Kornel: Yes of course. We plan to have a beer and pack and send the pre-ordered CD releases. We’ll be waiting for the first comments from people later. A week after the release, we will also play a premiere concert in our hometown Legnica, where we will perform live whole material from the album. Track after track.

How’s the touring plans look for end of 2022 and 2023? 

Kornel: We all have daily jobs so it’s not that easy to hit the road for long. But we have few dates booked and we will appear in Szczecin and Berlin in the beginning of 2023. For all the schedule you can visit our website: 

You release an amazing video for “Prey” would you like to tell me about the making of the video? 

Kornel: It was a quick operation, two days of shooting, several weeks of editing by 2b-studio from Wałbrzych. The story is Mariusz’s idea – it’s about the victim who becomes a hunter. Prey becomes predator. We asked friends and even pro actor to appear in front of camera. The film crew was also very professional and after two days we had all the shots. The result is not only a video for “Prey”, but also a second one for the title track “Power In Your Hand” which we’ll be released on the 18th of november (as album). 

Are there more videos in plans to be released? 

Kornel: We are planning more clips but these are loose ideas for now. Perhaps some animation… we’ll see. 

Formed in 2014, how has the road been so far? 

Kornel: I joined the band in the fall of 2016 so I can’t tell you more than that everything is going well so far. I really enjoy making music with my bandmates and I think the rest feel the same way. Our next goal is to make second record as soon as possible. 

What would be some of the highlight moments for the band? 

Kornel: Certainly a mini concert tour with a well-known Polish band Nocny Kochanek. We visited Berlin, Koln (Germany) and Hague (Holland). Especially the last one was spectacular, it was in the club named Musicon. We played as support but the hall was full of enthusiastic fans and the energy was awesome. 

What would be the biggest dream for Airstrike? 

Kornel: To play big shows as headliner surely. 

Czort: Playing your own show with a packed club by our fans wearing Airstrike logo T-shirts and singing each chorus eagerly and fluently 

Finally what would be the message for the metal maniacs around the world? 

Czort: Be strong, listen and support bands important to you, come to concerts and rock under the stage and I guarantee you that the band will repay you with the same energy from the stage.

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The Band

Daniel Zub — Vocals, Guitar
Mariusz «Czort» Czabajski — Guitar
Maciej Subzda — Bass
Kornel Kłos — Drums

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