Interview With Polish Death Grinders “Hostia”

HOSTIA – death/grind band. The group was established in 2017. The first sold out album titled “Hostia” was released in 2018 and incorporated 13 uncompromising tracks both musically and lyrically. The preservation of anonymity and the minimum dosage of information emphasizes that You need nothing more than the music itself.

In 2020 Hostia released a second LP “Carnivore Carnival” via Deformeathing Production. As the album was very well received by the audience and the vinyl edition sold out pretty fast Deformeathing re-released the first album “Hostia” in 2021 – this time also on vinyl. The band toured Poland as well as played at some festivals.

2022 brought the new EP “Resurrected Meat”, more shows and the full album “Nailed”!

A Pleasure to have a chat with the band, check out the Interview below.

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today?

St.Anacletus: Hello! All good – thank You for heaving us in your Magazine!

Your 3rd Full length album “Nailed” was out on November 4, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind it?

St.Anacletus: Songwriting itself was quite similar as with previous albums but the whole process and productions were a bit different this time. I used to collect ideas and record them as demos at home with programmed drums. Then I show them to the rest of the band and we pick the ones everybody is happy with and work on them together in rehearsals. However this time – maybe also because covid lockdown and total lack of shows we did more songs than ever. It felt natural to split them into EP and LP. Our label Deformeathing Prod. supported that idea so we entered JNS studio to record not one but two materials at once. Another change was that in addition to working with Paerł “Janos” Grabowski, with whom we made all the previous recordings, Haldor Grunberg joined us, who took care of the mix of both materials.

01 Ceremony
02 Stone In The Throat
03 Religion Of Love
04 Nailed
05 The Return Of The Living Dead
06 Little Priests
07 Dad’s Stew For Two
08 Afterlie
09 Fake It
10 The Vampire Of Barcelona 2:03
11 Polish Black Metal Makes Me Sleepy
12 Siberian Werewolf
13 Sister Bernadette
14 Zajebię Cię
15 Poison Leader

Does Nailed have a storyline or a theme behind the album?

St.Sixtus: Well not really. But every album has the same scheme. A couple tracks about real life psycho killers. Some of the songs are just tribute to the classic horror gems and the rest is spitting on the institution of church and criticizing religious fanatics.

15 Songs, With extreme power, kick ass musicianship overall, Brilliant work on this album, total mindblowing, How as a band do you feel about the outcome?

St.Anacletus: Ow Lord bless You for such kind words! We really believed in it so it’s more than awesome to get such a positive response from people! I am totally happy with the final outcome as well as I love playing those songs live! I am still enjoying the fact that it is ready and out! 

St.Sixtus: From the very beginning, the most important thing for us was that we like our music. We did not expect such a positive response, which changes a lot. Although Nailed was created naturally without any assumptions, we had a bit of stress on how this album would be received 🙂 Believing the feedback that reaches us, the listeners are satisfied, which drives us to further work.

Did you guys do something special on the day of the release on November 4?

St.Anacletus: Not on the certain date, but a bit later we did a release show in our hometown. Maybe not so special for a band (laugh)!

Do you have plans to come up with a music video from this album?

St.Sixtus: There are always plans but it’s worse with time to implement them 🙂 Each of us has jobs that consumes a lot of time, we treat the band purely as a hobby and try to devote most of our spare time. At the moment I’m working on a concert video made of materials recorded at recent concerts.

How are the touring plans coming up for 2023?

St.Anacletus: We have first dates confirmed including Mystic Festival, polish Bloodstock Elimitations – where we will headline two of them, as well as some more coming soon! We do really hope more dates to come this year to support the album and EP as well!

Formed in 2017 with 3 albums and an EP, how do you feel about the road that you have traveled so far?

St.Sixtus: It comes naturally to us. We are excited about the process of composing new songs so time flies fast, just like our songs hehe. To be frank I think that we have achieved a lot over these few years, taking into account that we started as a completely new unknown band in 2017.

St.Anacletus: I am really proud of it! I do really enjoy how it all went till now and the place we are now. I see it grows so let’s keep it that way!

Would you like to share some of the highlight moments of the band?

St.Sixtus: Such moments are always the premieres of our albums. We put a lot of heart into each release and we are always curious what impression the new material will make on the listeners. For me personally, the best moment is when I get a physical vinyl release for the first time. I’m a collector and a nerd 🙂

St.Anacletus: I do really enjoy every moment of it, but the moments that people show you their tattoos of Hostia are totally mind blowing!

Would you like to Introduce Hostia to the readers who are new to the band and how it all started for you guys?


Long story short. Each of us played in other Polish bands before. We’ve known each other for a long time because we met at concerts. When I moved to Warsaw where the rest of the band live, we started jamming together. The result of this jamming were the first songs of Hostia 🙂 We decided that it is worth to shape a fully functional band out of it, and so we operate until now.

What’s the dream?

St.Anacletus: To have joy and fun from doing it as long as possible! World domination! And fall of organized religions!

What would be some of the big plans for 2023?

St.Anacletus: As we said before – hopefully to play as much live as possible, cause playing this stuff live is total fun! And we have some great festivals coming!

Finally what would be the message for the fans?


I can only invite and encourage you to receive the Hostia into your black hearts. Thank you for your interest in our small band and for every support. We are glad that we have someone to play for 🙂 Cheers from Poland!

The Band

St. Xyxtus – Bass
St. Evaristus – Drums
St. Anacletus – Guitars
St. Sixtus – Vocals

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