Interview With Portugal’s Metal Band “The Chapter”

The Chapter is a Metal band from Lisbon, Portugal. The band was formed in February 2004 by Gonçalo Carvalho, João Gomes, and Pedro Antunes. Later that same year, Pedro Almeida and Vasco Macau joined the band. The band made several gigs in 2005 and 2006 which consolidated the music and personalized their sound. 

In late 2006 the band released their first studio work entitled “Into the abyss”. The band made other several gigs until 2009. In that time they decided to stop the project due to lack of time and opportunities.

After a pause of 7 years the band got back together with a new line-up, Pedro Rodrigues in the vocals and Eurico Mealha in bass and started working on new songs. On 30 October of 2017, and with no label, the band released their first album, entitled “Angels and Demons”.

In late 2018 after several gigs and because of different approaches, the band included Tiago Oliveira as new front man.

The band just finished in 2021 working on the new album that was mixed and produced by Daniel Cardoso (ANATHEMA, ANGELUS APATRIDA and AVA INFERI). It will be released on April 22, 2022. 

April 22, 2022 will see the release of “Delusion Of Consciousness”. It was my pleasure to chat with the guys on the release and much more, check out the complete coverage on the YouTube video below.


  1. Intro (01:24)
  2. Halocline (05:23)
  3. Delusion of Consciousness (04:50)
  4. Book of Life (06:09)
  5. Compos Mentis (05:20)
  6. Sentidos a Morrer (05:21)
  7. Vultures (05:39)
  8. In This Place (05:53)
  9. Social Solitude (07:24)
    Running time 46:03

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The Band

Tiago Oliveira – Vocals
João Gomes – Guitar
Pedro Almeida – Guitar
Eurico Mealha – Bass
Pedro Antunes – Drums

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