Interview With Power Metallers From Ohio “Solar Flare”

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the Head Of The Magazine, How are you today?

Nice to meet you Keith. I’m Garian Perry, guitarist and co-manager. I and the band are doing well thank you for asking.

Your debut self titled album was out in 2020, Can you tell me about the Songwriting and production behind the album?

We like to work as a team together on the writing process. Most of the time these songs just come out our practice/jam sessions. Production wise we wanted to just make a hard hitting album that would get people’s attention. 

Can you tell me about the making of the album cover art and the theme?

Our singer Ethan wanted a comic style dragon soaring out of the sun as to show this dragon (a metaphor of the band itself) is on its way and bringing the heat!

An amazing Heavy Metal album with elements of Power and Speed metal with 7 greatly composed songs bringing those classic sounds again. How do you feel about the outcome?

As its our first album we didn’t expect the majority of positive feedback we got on this record honestly! Production wise we could’ve been a bit more strict on production, but we plan to make the next one even better! Its been a fantastic experience putting this album out.

Are you planning to be back in the studio anytime soon?

We are hoping to go back into the studio again either the end of 2022, early 2023.

Due to Covid Pandemic, I’m sure touring may not be a possibility but did you do any shows in 2021 or in 2022, and any schedule in the coming days of the year?

As it currently stands we don’t have any upcoming shows. Which we’ve used this time to write the next record and get our personal lives in order.

Can you tell me how Solar Flare was formed and how you guys got together as a band?

Solar Flare was formed in January 2014 by singer Ethan Jackson and drummer Jeff Ables after their tenure with former band Breakneck Pace. Throughout the years we finally got a solid lineup in 2020.

What would be the plans for 2022?

Writing new material and hopefully book some new shows!

Would you like to share any great moments with me?

One happened just recently was when we played a packed show in Dayton, OH with our friends War Curse. Everyone had a fantastic time!

How has the reach been in the US and Worldwide?

Well with our style of music its much more popular outside the U.S. to be perfectly honest. However, we’ve been getting some traction in the U.S. so its been great on both fronts.

Can you tell me about your Songwriting process and musical experimentation in the coming years?

Its always been we all just gather for practice and jam. If something we play catches our attention, we record it and workshop it till we got a final structure worked out. Then we move onto lyrics or vice versa.

Finally, what would be the message for the fans and the readers who will be experiencing Solar Flare for the first time?

High Energy Power Metal from Ohio! Praise the Sun!

2.Under The Sun
3.Born To Burn
5.Nous Sommes
6.Taken To The Other Side
7.A World In My Head

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