Interview With Primal Age

Greeting from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m the Head of the Mag, how are you guys doing?
 As well as possible with this worldwide shitty situation. Hi everyone in india.

June 11th, marks the release of Masked Enemy, can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?
 Of course. This time I’ve worked with Flo (guitar) to compose the tracks, and then I’ve made the singing lines. The drum session is due to a friend of us, Rudy from Explicit Silence. Then we went to Guillaume Doussaud’s studio. For the mastering we’ve chosen to work once again with Alan Douches. 

What was the concept that was put behind this album?
 No one especially. All the items can take place, it depends of what I feel, according to xDidierx our singer. I know his special interest for animal rights and the idea is to have about 2 texts in each album speaking about it.

What is the cover art theme, it looks totally amazing?
 A very great job by a friend of us who has worked on many projects with us : Greg from Visual Injuries. He knows us very well and the band’s universe. He told us being inspired by the lyrics and the result is for us, as you say, totally amazing.


The album is so awesome, A perfectly crafted one, It has everything, a powerful one, Easily can be said as a masterpiece by you guys, How as a band do you feel about the outcome?
 We all think it’s our best. We’ve taken the time as usual to compose all the tracks and each one has it’s place. We don’t record very often so, we go to the studio when we feel totaly satisfied of what we’ve done. The cooperation with Flo has been succesfull, it worked more than I could expect. Our tracks are complementary and varied, while remaining cohesive

What would be your touring plans be like?
 Due to the pandemic times, there are less gigs and fests, but we try to do our best to play live. It seems to be better today and have about 10 shows to come, but we want more)). 

History of Primal Age goes way back to the early 90s, how has the road been for you guys so far?
 Not that simple, only Didier and I are still here from the beginning. We are a non professional band born in 93, so of course some members have left because of work, for familly reasons or different point of view about our music. But if we look back, we feel very gratefull for all what we’ve done : 1000 shows in 13 countrys, 3 continents, many great fests with almost all the more famous metal and hardcore bands in the world. 

What would the future of Primal Age looks like?
 We’re just focused on promoting this album in the aim of making more shows. We feel so excited with our new set that we want to share it with the crowd so much. That’s all we want and there’s no more in our heads for today. 

What would be some of the great moments that you had over the years?
 I keep in mind the Japan tour, cause it was an old dream for me, or the 2 times we’ve palyed at Hellfest in France with so many bands we are fans. Travelling to Mexico was special too, cause it was the first time for the band outside Europe. 

Now you have a masterpiece of an album, what would be the upcoming plans?
 Just touring, we don’t know more. It’s harder than usual for many bands and we try to find our way to promote this great album, it’s our reward. The studio session was so good for each of us, but we all want to play live, it’s where we feel the best. 

You are a social awareness band, a band that raises its voices for Animal rights and Veganism, what made you to raise your voices for this, any particular reason behind this?
 The band was born in the hardcore scene. Some of our influences who gaves us the idea to make a band are Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Earth Crisis… They gave us some messages and we try to keep the flame alive, because music is a powerfull media to open your mind. 

From France to the World, how do you feel about the success and making music over the years for the metal community?
 As I said, we feel gratefull for these almost 3 decades. Without the audience, nothing is possible, so we’re aware having the chance being here after all these years. It’s all about passion and we try to deliver our message with authenticity. 

Finally what would be the message for the fans?
Fight for your dreams and what you believe in. Smash your TV and think by yourself. Finally, we hope to see you guys on the road as soon as possible. 

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