Interview With Quarthon Of No More Moments

No More moments is a fast-paced, no holds bared punk band from Sisksika Nation. Since 2009 they have been wearing their hearts on their sleeves and telling their stories with powerful guitars, explosive drums, and commanding vocals. Their unique perspective of punk helps them blend new and creative elements that keep things exciting with the familiar staples of the genre to ensure no listener is disappointed. Since their inception, they have relentlessly toured across turtle island playing cities and reservations alike. From Vancouver to onion lake, they have found a warm reception and place to share their perspective message.

On 25th March they released the EP “Quarter Life Crisis” It was. my pleasure to talk to the amazing Quarthon Bearchief on the new release and much more. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.


  1. Me And My Friends
  2. Rat Tail
  3. Problem Child
  4. Sunday Morning
  5. All My Evil Friends

The Band

Carlin Black Rabbits – Drums
Cory White – Bass
Jared Running Rabbit – Guitars
Quarthon Bearchief – Vocals