Interview With Reawacan

REAWACAN was founded in 2017 by Ex-Lacrima Christi members Dan Krieger (g., b., v.) and Marco Gebert (d.). The band plays a brutal yet melodical, progressive Death Metal style, creating an uncategorized kind of its own.

REAWACAN: “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling” will be released on 23 October!

The German deathsters REAWACAN are proud to announce that their new EP will be called Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling and it will be released on October 23rd with a worldwide promotion by THE METALLIST PR

The new EP – made of two brand-new tracks and two covers – showcases the distinctive elements of the band’s sound like the deep but descriptive growl, and a groove-rich drumming, but also “new entries” like the fretless bass and more refined melodies. 

It was my pleasure to have Dan Krieger for an Interview to discuss on the upcoming EP and much more. Check out the below YouTube for complete coverage.


1. Ace of Spades (3:20) 

2. Into Proliferation (4:11) 

3. Dethroned Emperor (4:44) 

4. Sad Serenade (4:23) 

Running time 16:38

The Band

Dan Krieger – Vocals, Guitars, Bass 

Marco Gebert – Drums

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