Interview With Renwar Of Swedish Metal “Lightlorn”

LIGHTLORN has released their new album These Nameless Worlds.

Harnessing the meaning behind their name, which can be interpreted as “bereft of light”, LIGHTLORN explores the feelings of alienation, isolation, and existential dread. Through cosmic themes and lyrics, the band seeks to embrace this darkness and despair – because nothing is darker nor colder than the void between the stars.

While These Nameless Worlds on its surface sounds bleak and tends to instill a sense of longing within the listener, it also sparks idyllic and mesmerizing atmospheres and subtle intoxicating harmonies. LIGHTLORN does not abandon the roots of black metal, but rather seeks to extend those branches upwards, into the abyss that surrounds us all. 

LIGHTLORN aims to create an emotionally dense and textured approach to black metal, that surpasses the frozen and barren landscapes of Earth, to the stars above. Their approach is both transcendent and incredibly human, and reveals how dynamic and vulnerable black metal can be as the genre progresses into the future. 

It was a great pleasure to have Renwar on the Interview to talk on “These Nameless Worlds” and much more on the Journey of Lightlorn. Check out the awesome Renwar on the below YouTube video.


Unmapped Constellations
Through the Cold Black Yonder
Dilation Sleep
Stargazing in the Abyss

The Band

Renwar – all instruments, vocals and lyrics
Riaan – drums/programming

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