Interview With Ruttenskalle

Greetings Paolo Soares, I’m Keith Clement, Editorial Head of Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are  you today? 

Greetings Keith Clement! I’m going fine, thank you! Hope you’re good as well. 

October 31, you are planning to release your debut album “Skin Em Alive” through Gruesome  Records, can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album? 

Yeah sure! It all began a few years back, on 2013, when I wrote a few songs inspired on some of my  favorite Swedish Death Metal bands, with the intention of releasing a demo tape or EP.  Unfortunately, as a quite busy man, and with other projects going on, had to prioritize my time, and  it was only possible to really focus on this project, during the lockdowns on 2020. It took a long time  for these songs to finally see the daylight, but the truth is that I have better conditions now, and  instead, I could re-work the old songs and write new ones, in a full-length format. Because of that, I  ended also with a more mature production and songwriting. Regarding the production, as a  producer myself, I had also the luxury of recording and producing everything at my own Studio, as  well as writing some new parts during the recording process, without any kind of limitations. 

A Brilliant raw old school metal, total awesomeness towards each song, how do you feel about the  outcome of the album? 

I’m glad you liked it, and I hope all this sub-genre lovers feel the same. Personally, I’m very happy  about how it came out in the end. This was my first full-length, fully written, recorded and produced  all by myself, and I ended surprising myself too, for example, I never wrote that many lyrics, most of  the old songs were just instrumentals, and that was a huge challenge to me, because I always  struggled in that department. 

Although you had the idea to do something on your own goes way back to 2013 it took years and  Pandemic gave the time to work on this debut, do you have plans to do more with Ruttenskalle in  the future? 

For sure, my life changed a little bit, and I have plans to keep this project growing, so it’s safe to  expect something ne in the future.

Bringing back some classic era of Death metal back, is something totally awesome, the power and  energy is something that is highly takes it into a new level, will you be sticking to the same or  planning to do more of experimentation in the future? 

To be honest, that classic vibe and energy is the main reason I really love this genre and decided to  do this in the first place. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, and this a total worship to the Swedish classics, but at same time, I also put some other tastes and influences on it. I guess only time can  answer that question, but I’m certainly not planning on leaving that flavor out. 

Post release what would be the plans in terms of touring? 

For this moment, I don’t yet have a live line-up, but I’m planning and working on that to be a reality.  

How is the Portugal metal scene, and how supportive they are to your music, I’m sure the whole  world would dig your music post release of the album? 

In my honest opinion, the Portuguese extreme metal scene doesn’t seem to be as “alive” or  supportive as it is in some other European Countries, but its surely not dead either. We have great  bands in the scene, and a good number of followers too, but maybe too many bands for not so many  venues, and as a result, new bands almost always struggle a bit to reach the public in live situations. Anyway, my focus is the worldwide scene, and I hope it can reach and please metalheads all over the  world, and not only here. 

Would you like to share some great moments you had over the years? 

Surely, I had great moments over my entire career as musician, but honestly, I can’t recall any, that really makes sense to share here, at least to me. 

What would be the dreams and how do you feel about your accomplishments so far? 

For now, I’m happy for what I already achieved, and touring my Country is already an  accomplishment, as well as all the great friends I have been making along the way in the scene. 

My biggest dream would be to live mainly from music and tour the World, and I think it may be a  common dream for almost any musician who takes is craft seriously. I haven’t yet come close to  that, but it’s always healthy to dream about those things, and I’m trying to make something about to it, so it becomes a reality. Surely, it’s hard and not for everyone, and may seem an ambitious goal for  some folks, but if we don’t believe in ourselves in the first place, who wouldn’t?  

What would be the message to the musical fraternity around the world? 

My message is very simple and straightforward. Keep supporting your scenes, and don’t let Heavy  Metal die!

Track Listing

  1. Feast Of the Dying Sluts
  2. Carnage
  3. Rotten God
  4. Dead Man
  5. Buried
  6. Time To Kill
  7. Fucked With My Knife
  8. Anal Ride
  9. Cadaver Meal
  10. Brainless Whore

Release Date: October 31, 2021

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