Interview With Saving Jackie

Greetings From Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today?

Hi this is Jenny the Vocalist for Saving Jackie. I’m doing great thank you. 

Can you tell me How Saving Jackie was formed, Would you like to share a bit of Introduction on the Band?

Three of our band members, myself, drummer and bassist were from a past rap/rock group called Jackie On Acid, same style of music, but totally different message. Many years later I persuaded my Brother to jam again and it felt like we picked up where we left off. So we went with it and formed Saving Jackie late 2018. Our JOA bassist joined us January 2019. Our guitarist Rick joined us 11/2019. After jamming with many awesome musicians we got our solid lineup. We played out first gig as Saving Jackie 12/2019. We’ve been busy since. Saving Jackie members are: Jenny 4C Ramirez/Vocalist, my brother Anthony on Drums/Manager, John Cortez on Bass/Backing Vocals and Rick G on Guitar/Backing Vocals. 

From Jackie on Acid to Saving Jackie, Would you like to share for the change or move from JOA?

In JOA we had a great time performing. We were together for about 4 years. As life continues everything changes. We started having families, college and work schedules were in the mix. It got harder and we all agreed on good terms to end the band. We had a great run together and JOA played our last show 7/2003. 

We took a pretty long break. Individually we worked on different musical projects. Speaking for myself it’s hard not to get back into music when you love creating. After many years of “Life experiences” and “Healing” I wanted to form another band. I finally persuaded my Brother and we formed Saving Jackie. What better guys to play with than the previous members from JOA. My brother knew of Rick from a mutual friend and we jell, we vibe off each other. I’m in a new place and I wanted an outlet to write and share about my struggles and triumphs. I have throat nodules, diabetes, insomnia, had cancer, struggle with depression, PTSD… In SJ I write from my heart. As much as I struggle within, I also fight to LIVE and I express that in all our songs. 

You have released a couple of Singles, Great work and musicianship, Do you plan to make a full length album later this year?

Thank you so much. Glad you enjoy our music. Yes we plan on going back into the Studio very soon. We’re currently writing new songs and at the same time we’re getting ready for upcoming shows. We do plan on releasing something maybe at the end of this year. 

It’s Critical is an amazing song and a great video has gone behind it, What is the message that you are delivering through this song, would you like to share the making of the video?

Thank you. A little back story, I wrote the song at that time I had a Doctors appointment and I knew something wasn’t right with me and I kept putting it off. SJ was pretty booked. We had a video shoot for My Faith Is Larger, Band pictures, Studio recordings, Christmas song recording.. To be clear headed I finally went to my appointment and I was told I had cancer. All this was during Covid so I got the “News” by myself. My mind was everywhere. I also struggle with allergies. I put drops in my ears like I always do and the next day I couldn’t walk. I was stuck to my recliner for a week. My friend posted a self help video from Youtube on how to heal yourself from Vertigo and it worked. I played some riffs from band practice and wrote the song, It’s Critical. I poured myself into writing to release my disappointments, anger and frustrations. This new diagnoses is here so I’ll get stronger and wiser. During the writing of that song I had three biopsies and two surgeries. I’m currently cancer free!! The video shoot locations and videographer were my brothers ideas. We shot the entire video at 3 different locations in one day. It was a hot day and the band members almost had heat stroke. We pushed through on the first location on a rooftop off near a highway. The second location was at a friends Office and lastly we filmed in my bedroom. It was pretty realistic and it just brought me back. We tried to keep the crowd limited so we had a Contest on Facebook and Instagram to pick Winners to attend it. We had a great time together and it’s amazing to see the music video. 

Would you like to share about your powerful first video “My Faith is Larger”?

My Faith Is Larger is another personal song of fighting to live. The video was my brothers idea. I love that he gives direction and life to everything. He picked the Videographer and the location. Personally I just show up and do what I love doing. In that particular video, I couldn’t move much after having my Hysterectomy due to cancer. I had to be safe and stay in one place because I was still healing. I look at that video now and I’m so happy we did it especially during that time. I was clear to perform but I didn’t have my follow appointment yet. So I didn’t know if they got all the cancer out. My Faith Is Larger that I was cancer free. SJ rocked it. 

Heavy Rock elements and Rap Fusion and an amazing work, Beautiful songwriting, The Power of music can be felt in each or your single, Thanks for the amazing music, How as a band do you feel about the outcome so far?

Thank you, I’m still in a WOW state. We wanted to jam and maybe play 1 gig a month. It’s turned out to be way bigger than that. Our band has touched many people around the World. In SJ we listen to different genres of music on our own time and you can hear it when we create our own music. We’re blessed to be able to write and create freely from our hearts. 

How has the reach been for the band on a Global Scale?

I’m really speechless. SJ has been amazing. Considering Covid involved- We’ve been invited to play Exodofest April 2023. We’re working on our Passports to attend that huge Festival. We’ve also been asked to play in Australia, Canada, Cuba- so many places. We’re currently booking shows to hopefully get us there.

Would you like to share some great moments that you had over the years?

There’s so many to share. Our first virtual Interview was with Walter Cardozo from Chili when Covid began. We were learning about the different platforms and meeting new people around the world. From there we had our first Virtual performance for Exodofest on Facebook and those two opened us to South America. Watching the video playbacks with my Mom, children and husband is surreal. They’re seeing all the love around the World for the music. I’m not known to travel, I’ve never would’ve applied for my Passport, so that’s huge. We’re flying out to Exodofest. Every show is special to me regardless of head count. We enjoy meeting everyone and we also enjoy performing. 

How has the journey of music been for you guys so far?

One word comes to mind for me and that’s expansion. From what started as a small idea now has turned into something way Bigger than what we expected. Overall, it’s like an awesome dream to me. 

What would be some of the upcoming plans?

We’re getting ready for our IT’S CRITICAL TOUR. 

7/21 Fitzgeralds Bar & Live Music, San Antonio TX

7/22 JR Lounge, Seguin, TX, 

7/23 APEX FEST, VFW, Cuero, TX

7/28 Mavericks Bar & Grill, Arlington, TX, 

7/29 KOUJ / Calvary Chapel Norman, Norman OK

7/30 Chains Unchained Festival / The Crossing Church, Springfield, MO.  

All details are posted on all of our Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Reverbnation, Twitter, 

Also this year, we plan on entering the studio. Most importantly have fun.  

What would be the biggest dreams?

I’d love to perform and visit everyone around the World that has requested us. 

How Saving Jackie looks in to the future?

We’re planning more shows, making new music and sharing our positive message along with more touring. Maybe a Tour bus? That would be sweet!! We’re excited and we’re having a lot of fun. 

Finally what would be the message for the fans around the world?

Thank you all so much for the love, support and prayers. We had a GoFundMe band drive recently and we met our Goal because of our Friends and Fans. We’re able to travel this July. We’re so blessed to be surrounded by amazing awesome people around the World and we love you all. 

For updates and videos Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reverbnation and we also have Merchandise available on our website:

Also, huge thank you Metalheads Forever Magazine for this Interview. 

About Saving Jackie

Jenny & Anthony, a Brother/Sister duo, and John Cortez are all former members of the original Rock/Rap Band Jackie On Acid. JOA was formed in late August 1998 and played throughout Texas, opening up for National groups, including Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Papa Roach, 2 Live Crew, Bowling for Soup, Fu Manchu, Skatenigs, Union Underground, and L7. During their five year venture, JOA released a self-titled LP with popular songs such as Stitched Lips and Flake. They were featured in numerous media publications such as the San Antonio Current, Express News, The Edge Magazine and Meltdown Magazine. On July 3, 2003, JOA played their last farewell bash at Sin 13 Bar, selling out on all their merchandise. 

Entering into a new era, in early 2019, the three former members of JOA reunited with a new vibe to create Saving Jackie, a rap/rock group with a message of redemption for new life. Alongside former members, Front Woman/Vocalist Jenny 4C Ramirez, Drummer Anthony and Bass Player John Cortez are new members, Jerry Ryan on Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals 2019-8/2021 and Rick Garza on Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals. After encountering life’s struggles and strife, this band shares a message of how they overcame life’s major trials. Their new EP brings a rocking out message of victory and hope with songs like My Faith is Larger, My Everything and Silence the Storm. 

Saving Jackie has been interviewed by Metal Mars, Robbs MetalWorks ~ El Mero Metal, from Texas, Walter Cardozo of #Jesus Es Mi Rock from Chile, South America,  Turn Up The Volume Blog in Belgium, Mistress Angie from 502 Radio and Abdul Whitemetal. Their recent EP also received reviews from Mike Geiner of BTTW Church, “Saving Jackie is a welcomed breath in the music industry.” From Bryan Blake of Vinyl Lollipops, “This band seriously kicks the gluteus Maximus and leaves you wanting more.” 
The EP was a self-titled release produced & engineered by Damian Refuge and mixed and mastered by Clifton Miles of Stone Creek Sound Studio in Helotes, Texas. 
Saving Jackie has performed at the Bang Bang Bar, Zombies Rock Bar, Fitzgerald’s Bar, Facebook Virtual ExodoFest from Mexico and Facebook Virtual LowFest from Columbia. 
Including a Video Presentation for Bora Curtir Show based in Brazil. 
Saving Jackie signed with KingSide Record Label and has completed their contract.

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