Interview With Sean Peck Of The Three Tremors

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, the head of the Magazine, how are you guys doing?

Good, staying busy navigating through the bullshit of the day.

Your new album “Guardians of The Void” was out in November 2021, Can you tell me about the Songwriting and Production behind the album?

Our guitarist David Garcia produced the whole record. I think it is his best work so far. It sounds huge just like I like it. The band Cage is the backing band and we wrote all the songs. I wrote all the lyrics and melody lines and sang the entire track before I would send it off to Harry and Tim. Those guys recorded all their tracks and extra ideas and we would sort through all the tracks and try to figure out where to put who and where.  

Was there a concept that was put behind the album?

No concept. It was a conglomeration of songs we wrote one at a time and I would vary the lyrical direction.  I have some songs that are pure fictional, some historical songs, and some written about monsters and shit. I put out a good, wide spread variety of vibes and topics on this one.

12 massive heavy metal awesomeness in the album, brilliant song writing, amazing vocals, the heaviness of the guitars and mind blowing drums makes this album an epic album. How do you feel about the outcome of the album?

Thanks! Well the first album was waaay too much for a lot of people in the media it seems. The fans loved it and it sold huge actually. This album we unintentionally ended up with more mid- tempo songs and the reviews were much better. I personally like the first album a little better but most everyone else really took to this one. The production was really great like I said before and everyone performed great on it. The drums sound like a helicopter flying over your house.

How has the touring been so far, and any upcoming touring plans that has been scheduled in the coming months?

We did the East Coast and Mid-West in Nov 2021 and now we are working on the West Coast for Nov 2022. Part of the November dates will include us playing on November 18 at the Los Angeles Burning Fest III with Riot V, Grim Reaper, Bitch, Tim “Ripper” Owens (solo show) and other bands. On November 20, we will play at the Dragon Rojo Metal Fest in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico along with Dying Fetus, Riot V, Grim Reaper, Tim “Ripper” Owens (solo show), my band Cage, Hirax, Blood Feast, Silver Talon and a ton of others. The Three Tremors shows should go off great and it will be unlike anything you have ever seen in metal. People that see it have their expectations shattered.

Tim “Ripper” Owens a legend himself with a career of awesomeness, Sean Peck another legend from Cage and Harry Conklin with decades of musical history forming an epic metal masterpiece of a band “The Three Tremors” how did this magic started and how you guys formed the band?

It was my idea to assemble the American version of what Halford, Dickinson, and Tate were supposedly going to do. It was a great idea that never saw the light of day mostly because of Tate being a bitch. I called Ripper and later met up with Harry in Germany and it was on. I decided to use Cage as the band just to make it easier and we were already awesome and it worked great. We started writing songs and when we assembled the first one we knew it was going to be insane.

How has the road been for you guys since the formation in 2018?

The shows in the US have been better than the Europe ones I would have to say.  I am getting a bit weary of everything it takes to go to Europe and tour and the results. I could just tour the US and have bigger crowds so until a promoter comes after me we are probably staying here for a while.

What would be some of the upcoming plans with The Three Tremors?

Well after this tour we will see. Maybe another record if we can find the proper motivation. Next for me is a new Cage record and a new Death Dealer record. The Three Tremors may come after those.

You guys work with lots of projects and bands, and still give the world more quality  metal music that the fans can enjoy, how do you guys find time to do it all?

It has been tough especially lately. The Covid bullshit gave us a lot of time to delve into other hobbies and shit and motivation is a big part of the music world.  Everyone has a lot of other irons on the fire and lots of other projects, it is amazing that we have been able to do almost 100 shows together so far.

The Three Tremors should come with a movie and comics, I believe this would be an amazing experience and a treasure for the fans around the world, Do you have any thoughts on your mind to give something special to the fans?

Well, I am deep in the comic book game right now actually so that idea is always on my mind. Maybe next album I might give that a try. We were going to do statues but I dropped that idea at the last minute.  

What would be some of the great moments that you had With The Three Tremors?

We headlined a festival in Spain at this killer castle which was fantastic. We headlined a festival in England which was also great. Blaze Bayley came and sang with us. We have had a lot of guest singers up there with us which is always fun.  Steve Grimmett did an entire tour with us which was a riot! Mostly it is the fun of getting us all together that is cool. Ripper likes it so much he stole our drummer Sean Elg for KK’s Priest!

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

Keep in touch with us on social media where we answer all inquiries and love interacting with the fans. We do not release our entire albums on Spotify so you have to support metal and buy the physical product!!

Thanks guys!!

Hail and Kill!

  1. Bone Breaker
  2. Guardians of the Void
  3. Kryptonian Steel
  4. Crucifier
  5. I Can’t Be Stopped
  6. Frailty
  7. Operation: Neptune Spear
  8. Chained to the Oar
  9. Catastrophe
  10. Wickedness and Sin
  11. Fall of Rome
  12. War of Nations

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