Interview With ShadowSpawn

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Editorial Head, how are you doing today?

>Hi Keith! Kelvin here and I am doing real fine. Hope you are great too?

“The Biology Of Disbelief” came out on April 16th, 2021, can you tell a bit about the songwriting and production behind it?

>Absolutely. The songs are composed by Nicolai, Oliver and myself. We each typically create 5-6 songs before the recording process and listen to them as demos. In the end we then select our favorite tracks and work with those. Having the final list of tracks down, we went to Tue Madsen at Antfarm studios and recorded the drums. With the drums done, we recorded everything else ourselves. The end product was then mastered by Marco Angioni at Angioni Studioes.

What was the concept set behind this album?

>Well we didn’t have a concept or story to follow as such. The music is just what we like and what we feel we want to play, and the lyrics are somewhat abstract, but in the whole they are about being yourself, stand up for yourself and don’t let people control you without asking questions.

“The Biology Of Disbelief” the album art seems to be of the resurrected Christ, was it the same I was thinking or you guys had a different concept on the cover art?

>Hehe well, we wanted something “not to the point”. So something that wasn’t to obvious going in some direction, but would appeal to your fantasy. I myself don’t see a resurrected Christ, but I do see some religious suggestions which also fits very well with the lyrics. I think the overall concept or idea was to make a cover that would feed peoples imagination and set well with the mood of the record. And I think we got close to that ☺

Shadowspawn is not a death metal of just growls, but you have an amazing blend to each of your releases, there is so much power, traditional death metal is there with diverse materials that makes you one of a kind, and your musicianship and songwriting is totally fantastic, how has the support been for you from around the world been so far?

>Wauw! Thanks Keith ☺ It has truly been a great your for us. The pandemic has of course prevented us from playing live, but besides that people have been very very positive about this record.

A few bad reviews also, but hey – cant win em all right? ;)…but mostly positive ones and as the reviews ticks in, more and more are really positive so that so nice to read.

Shadowspawn started back in 2012, 9 years in the making how you guys feel where you stand now, how has the musical journey has been for you?

>9 years!? Haha…shit…well, I think we feel like we just started yesterday 😉

To say the least, there is plenty of fuel in the tank and we have just begun! We are actually already begun working on our next album so the journey in going forward.

What would be the next plans for the band?

>We are in the process of getting our new drummer settled in. Then we have some live jobs in August and September. And then we will be more focused on new tracks, rehearsing, recording and a job now and then.

What are some of the greatest moments you had over the years?

>Playing live and having fun. Playing live is the kick and its where we aim to be 😉

How does it feel to work with Tue Madsen, what would be the one reason to work with someone like him?

>Its great working with Tue. He knows how to make the drums sound just right. Besides that hes just really cool, down to earth and a funny guy to be around.

Being one of the best genre’s from Metal music, what made you guys choose this genre and not something else, I know this is a crazy question to ask you, but just wanted to understand the musical perspective from you guys?

>Well, we didn’t choose this. It was in our mind from growing up. We all grew up listening to 90’s metal, death, thrash…so we were kinda raised on milk and honey from that era 😉

As most of us has played music for more that 25 year now, its not much of a choice anymore…its what we do and what feels like jazz for us 😉

What would be the biggest dream for the band?

>Playing a huge stage…go on tour…make a great next album…have fun ;)…I think the key is to have fun and remember to laugh. Uh! And play on a huge stage! 😉

Finally any messages for the Old School die hard death metal fans around the world?

>Support your local OSDM bands! Im sure everyone who reads this loves death metal and knows to be safe these days. Hope to see you all soon, somewhere! ☺