Interview With Siamese

Siamese brand new LP “HOME” sees the band further develop their distinctive sound into a heavier realm. It’s bolder and it’s more experimental, but most of all the riffs are more wicked, innovative and unique compared to their previous work. Going from an R’n’b metal vibe to a very grand and gutteral sound the guys from Siamese make sure that each album tells a story about the time it was created. Never looking back – always moving forward. Made during the corona pandemic the album is the bands most personal to date with real life crisis revolving around their very own domicil. Having already released fireproof bangers such as “Can’t Force The Love” and “Home” featuring Drew York, Siamese are set to take the next step into the international core scene with what must be considered as their best album to date.

It was my pleasure to talk to the guys on the new release and much more, Check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.


  1. Heights Above
  2. Home feat. Drew York
  3. Holy
  4. Honest
  5. Can’t Force The Love
  6. Erase My Mind
  7. Enough Ain’t Enough feat. Rory Rodriguez
  8. Numb
  9. Rather Be Lonely
  10. Past The End
  11. Joga
  12. Sloboda

Line Up:
Mirza Radonjica – Vocals
Andreas Kruger – Guitar
Christian Lauritzen – Guitar, Violin
Marc Nommesen – Bass
Joakim Stilling – Drums

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