Interview With Silent Winter

SILENT WINTER was initially formed in the middle of 90’s in the city of Volos in central Greece. Back then, the band recorded and released two demo tapes entitled “Silent Winter” and “War of an Angel” and also played some gigs and appeared on local festivals.

In 2018 the group was reformed with new members and released an EP with 5 songs. One of the featured tracks is a new version of the old demo song “Far Away” which also was released as their first video clip under the production of Progressive Vision Group (Bob Katsionis). This EP received positive feedback and reviews throughout the world. Kiriakos Balanos (guitars) and Giorgos Loukakis (bass) are the original members from 1995’s line-up. For the EP, they were joined by Giannis Antonopoulos (drums), the well-known Mike Livas on vocals (Maidenance, Keepers Of Jericho, Timo Tolkki tour singer), Vaggelis Papadimitriou on guitar and Yiannis Manopoulos (Thelemite) on keyboards.

In May 2019 SILENT WINTER released their first album ‘The Circles of Hell’ via Greek label Sonic Age Records. The reviews coming in from all over the world again were excellent and “The Circles of Hell” appeared in many ‘best of listings’ of that year. Several 3d lyric videos were released in collaboration with Harry Kountouris who is also now responsible for all the live visuals of Sabaton, as well as for some 3D lyric videos for Rotting Christ. SILENT WINTER played lived with Skyclad in Larissa, and with Acid Death and Nightrage at the Golden R festival in Volos, and a release show together with Floating Worlds in Athens’ Remedy club.

“Empire Of Sins”, the group’s second full-length release, now will be released via Pride & Joy Music on March 26th, 2021. The album was recorded at Kalovidouris Sound Studios, in Volos, Greece between July and October 2020, and mixed and mastered by Dionysis Christodoulatos at CFN recording studio Athens, Greece. Kiriakos Balanos designed the front cover. One of the highlights featured here is the Metal cover of Belinda Carlisle’s smash hit “Leave A Light On”.


Greetings From Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the Head of the Magazine, how are you doing today?

Hello Keith, I am Mike the singer from Silent Winter, feeling great!

March 2021 you released your album “Empire Of Sins” Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?

The album was recorded in late Summer of 2020. Instruments in Volos and Vocals in Athens. The album was mixed and mastered by Dionisis Christodoulatos at CFN Studios. Songwriting and lyrics begin with Kiriakos during preproduction phase. Then each one of us adds a piece to the puzzle. After that, when we finish the songwriting, we proceed to do the final recordings. Since I and Kiriakos live in different cities we work a lot online sending ideas back and forth.

What was the concept behind the album?

Empire of Sins doesn’t feature a distinct concept but rather a collection of themes as far as lyrics go. Most of them are about fantasy, some medieval lore , even about a video game! 

Can you tell me the amazing cover art that was put for this album?

The album cover was designed by Kiriakos Balanos our guitarist which is also a great cover and video artist. Check him out on his page KB Covers

How is touring in 2022?

Due to Covid restrictions he havent had the chance to do as much touring as we planned in early 2022. So far we have 3 confirmed shows.  Midalidare Rock at 17 July in Bulgaria , Helmfest at 12 August in Germany and Rethymno Rocks at 3 September in Crete, Greece. More will be announced soon! 

You are opening for Judas Priest, headlining in Germany and opening for Septicflesh later this year, how do you feel about to be with some icons this year?

For me personally its always a great experience performing in front of people especially in festivals of such scale and a huge honor to open for my childhood heroes Judas Priest! You know how much that means to a singer!

Can you tell me how it all started for Silent Winter?

The band is actually pretty old going back to 1996 with the first demo. After a long hiatus, we became active around 2018 which is around the time I joined the band for The War is Here EP on vocals. The rest in history, as the next year The Circles of Hell was released and 2 singles the year after.

Are there plans for another album anytime sooner?

At the moment we plan on touring to further promote Empire of Sins. 

What would be some of the plans for 2022?

As I said , more touring , more shows, to bring Empire of Sins live! 

Would you like to share some big moments?

Opening for Skyclad in Larissa and headlining Golden R has been 2 great moments for the band. Also releasing the second album and getting on that positive response from fans and press!

What would be the biggest dreams? 

To establish the band in the hearts of all power metal fans! 

What would be the message for the fans?

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay metal ! See you on the road

Gates Of Fire
Wings Of Destiny
Hunter’s Oath
Where The River Flows
Dragons Dance
Empire Of Sins
Leave A Light On (CD BONUS)

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The Band

Mike Livas (lead and backing vocals)
Kiriakos Balanos (guitars, keyboard)
Vangelis Papadimitriou (guitars)
Vangelis Tsekouras (bass)
John Antonopoulos (drums)

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