Interview With Sudden Deaf

Delivering a dynamism of devilish distorted guitars, soaring vocals and raging percussion, the powerful quartet from Austin, Texas, are preparing the unleash a ferocious debut with “Headhunter”. 

Producing an implosion of influences, drawing from traditional, speed and groove, along with some classic rock and experimental elements, SUDDEN DEAF’s sound is a melting pot of heavy. With their debut album currently in progress, the outfit are kicking off with the single “Headhunter”. The narrative focus is on a tale of a Viking, but the track also delves into emotions of rage and greed, lust and distain that we all feel. A thundering introduction driving a fury of anticipation leads to the hard-hitting pay off seeing epic wailing guitars and head-banging rhythms.

Intense energy and a fast pace results in sheer chaotic havoc. Being engulfed by SUDDEN DEAF’s wall of sound may leave you deaf but it’ll be worth it! And watch out for any demons accidentally summoned in the process. 

It was my pleasure to have a chat with the band on the debut and much more, Check out the complete Interview on YouTube below.

Track List

  1. Headhunter


The Band

Drew Potter— Lead vocals and Bass
Dylan Bigelow—- Guitar
Alex Turner— Guitar
Max Cortez—- Drums

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