Interview With Swan Hellion Of French Sleaze Rockers “Black Rain”


Sometimes it takes a few years until a band finds that perfect sound they have in mind for their songs. For the new album ‘Untamed’ by the French Sleaze Rock formation BlackRain, that’s exactly the case. Although already established as a band with their six previous releases and also very successful on tour (among others with Europe, Alice Cooper, Scorpions or Steel Panther), the quartet around singer Swan now presents a work that sets new quality standards in every aspect. “We love the powerful sound, the banging drums, this awesome mix of catchy melodies and aggression that permeates ‘Untamed’ from the very beginning,” bassist Matthieu de la Roche enthuses and goes on naming the producer of the new quality work: Hannes Braun, frontman of the German hard rockers Kissin` Dynamite and an important figure in sound engineering. De la Roche: “Hannes told us: ´I love your songs, your show really has excited me, I know exactly how your next record should sound!` Thanks to his help, we found the sound we’ve been looking for since ten years.” ‘Untamed’was released on November 25th, 2022 via Steamhammer/SPV. 

It was a great pleasure to have the amazing Swan Hellion on the Interview to talk on “Untamed” and much more, Check out the complete Interview on the below YouTube video and check out Untamed the brand new album from Black Rain.

01. Untamed 4:45
02. Kiss The Sky 4:06
03. Dawn Of Hell 3:51
04. All The Darkness 4:11
05. Demon 4:23
06. Summer Jesus 4:36
07. Set The World On Fire 4:27
08. Neon Drift 4:52
09. Blade Of Love 4:49
10. Raise Your Glass 4:46
11. Shut Down 4:43
12. The End 4:15

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The Band

Swan Hellion – vocals, guitar
Max 2 – lead guitar
Matthieu de la Roche – bass
Frank F – drums

Photos: (c) Julien Zannoni

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