Interview With Sweden’s Hard Rock Stars “Eclipse”

Eclipse the Swedish Hard Rock band history goes way back to 1999, and been making massive albums and 2019s Paradigm shows the awesomeness of the band, and further the band went on writing amazing materials and workmanship to bring yet another epic album on October 8 for the whole world to hear “Wired”

It was my pleasure to speak to the amazing “Erik Mårtensson” about Wired, and much more, Check out the below YouTube for the complete coverage.


Roses On Your Grave
Dying Breed
Saturday Night (Hallelujah)
Run For Cover
Carved In Stone
Poison Inside My Heart
Bite The Bullet
We Didn’t Come To Lose
Things We Love
Dead Inside (CD and Digital Exclusive Bonus Track)

Music Videos

The Band

Erik Mårtensson – Vocals
Magnus Henriksson – Guitars
Philip Crusner – Drums
Victor Crusner – Bass

Eclipse On The Socials