Interview With Tas Danazoglou Of Friends Of Hell

Are you feeling doomed yet? You definitely should be. As we wallow in mankind’s ongoing plunge into the abyss, Friends Of Hell have arrived to provide the perfectly monstrous soundtrack. The brainchild of underground diehard Tas Danazoglou (Satan’s Wrath/ex-Electric Wizard), and featuring the revered vocal talents of Finnish doom legend Albert Witchfinder (Opium Warlords/ex-Reverend Bizarre), Friends Of Hell are the thuggish, gruesome antidote to modern metal’s blank-eyed sheen. This is the real, filthy deal, executed by musicians with pure and noble intentions.

It was my pleasure to have Was on the Interview to talk about Friends Of Hell about the debut release of the self titled album to be out on March 18th, 2022. The Power and the awesomeness in this album is quite notable. Check out the wonderful Tas speaking about the album and much more on the below YouTube video coverage.

  1. Out With The Wolves
  2. Shadow Of The Impaler
  3. Into My Coffin
  4. Gateless Gate
  5. Friends Of Hell
  6. Evil They Call Us
  7. Orion’s Beast
  8. Belial’s Bell
  9. Wallachia

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