Interview With The Amazing Cam Thomas Of Ontario’s “Altamadum”

Altamadum was born in Thunder Bay, ON in the fall of 2007. Lead guitarist Cam Thomas & drummer Brendan Byers approached classmate James Cole, with the hopes of him filling in on bass guitar. The trio carried on writing mostly instrumental pieces for the next few months. Cole suggested that Sam Mucha come-on to sing for the group. Cole received a demo of Mucha singing & was impressed by the singer’s diversity & range. Cole presented the demo to the band & they agreed to have Mucha come tryout on the condition he be able to play rhythm guitar, Mucha accepted. It was at this time that the band decided to adopt the name ‘Altamadum’ as the new title. The group’s first show took place at their High school for a Christmas Concert in 2007. Two months later, Altamadum would win a preliminary round in a band competition during their second show ever. The four carried on for the next two years playing mostly covers of classic & new rock, mostly in local bars, clubs & parties.

In the fall of 2010, the band entered the local “Last Band Standing” competition. The band won its genre, reaching the finals & ultimately finishing second overall, losing out by two votes. Following the success of the “Last Band Standing” competition the band received interest from Cole’s uncle, Russ Elder on doing recordings for the group. The band continued writing & performing, highlighted by winning Last Band Standing in 2011. This was followed immediately with the band moving into Elder’s Thunder Sound Studio to begin production on their debut album “We Are…”. The band reduced the amount of shows they had been playing in 2012 to put all focus into the development of the C.D.

In early 2013 Richard Lawrence was hired to join the team as online development as well as a role in promotions & video productions. The band would release their debut CD “We Are…” on July 20th, 2013. Shortly after the band’s CD Release Show, featuring the local rep. for the AFM (American/Canadian Federation of Musicians) in attendance, Altamadum was offered a position within the union.

Entering 2014, the band has begun work on a 2nd album titled ‘Levels’ due out in the Spring. They embarked on a summer tour of Ontario playing a total of 7 dates. Upon arriving back home, Altamadum was offered their first magazine appearance in L.A. Shortly after this the band was approached to work with a few international media outlets. Among them was our record label “From the Depth Entertainment”. 

Altamadum would go on to release “Anybody Out There (EP) – (2017), A Monument to Time (2017), Through Motion Chronicles (2019), Born in The Afterglow (2020)” and their upcoming album “In My Blood” set for release in 2022. The band would also achieve international success and interest from many radio stations, magazines, and media outlets before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. There latest singles can be found on all streaming platforms.   

It was a pleasure to have the amazing Cam Thomas for an Interview, discussing on the new release and much more in the life of Altamadum. Check out the complete coverage on the YouTube video below.

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