Interview With The Amazing “Ronnie Ripper” Of Sweden’s “Turbocharged”

Normally the expression “power trio” is more a convention than a describing thing. With a few exceptions, obviously, being Motörhead and Venom on the top of the list. And it is not certainly by chance that those two institutions are also some of the biggest musical influences of the Swedish metal-punk misfits TURBOCHARGED who, in return, is a “power trio” in their own right. With a musical approach straightforward, honest, and bursting with to-the-point sarcastic words of hate, the three blokes of Värmland, Sweden, paved their way to the top of the underground chain food with five well-received albums released in a mere nine years period. 

The composition process for “Alpha Beast, Omega Beast”, the new Turbocharged record, has, if anything, secluded more the band in their rehearsal room and injected a renewed pace and grittiness in their sound and an even more disappointed hate dose into their lyrics. Twelve tracks were recorded, where thrash, punk and everything in between collides as a human head smashed against a wall over and over again. It’s Turbocharged as we know it, but more punk, more metal. The Motörhead and Venom power-trio legacy is well preserved in “Alpha Beast, Omega Beast”, along with a few Discharged and Exploited hints, but it’s not even that which makes the new Turbocharged such an urgent callout for the misfits of the dying societies of the world. It’s the way totally underground, DIY and fuck-off attitude, totally relatable to the hateful generation. Ronnie Ripper, the thunderous bassist and vocalist, keeps exactly the same attitude when describing the album: “It’s not too bad but don’t expect wonders from these fatties”. 

“Alpha Beast, Omega God” will be released on digital, CD, and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) via Emanzipation Productions on October 14th, 2022.

It was indeed a pleasure to have the amazing Ronnie Ripper on the Interview, Check out the awesome man on the below YouTube Interview.

Piss stigmata
Slave Rhetoric
Phantom Cataclysm
Alpha Beast, Omega God
Chaos chronicles
Hunger of the Wendigo
Land of Pest
Hyper Blasphemous Shitstorm
Profane Vortex
Priests in Darkness

The Band

Freddie Fister – drums, backing vocals 
Ronnie Ripper – bass, lead vocals
Old Nick – guitars 

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