Interview With The Amazing Star “Kurt Deimer” & The Awesome Phil X

In a world that seems to spiral further and further out of control every day, Kurt Deimer is just trying to create order in the chaos. 

“There’s too many people trying to tell everyone how to be today,” says Deimer, drawing on a cigarette and pausing before continuing his thought… “I’m just a simple guy. I support the people that make my life better, and I try to make their lives better in return. If we all just worried about that and not everything else that we can’t control, the world would be such a better place.”

Enter “Hero,” Deimer’s new single, and the follow-up to his debut EP Work Hard, Rock Hard, which was released in November 2021 and featured the single “Burn Together,” an acclaimed collaboration with former Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate. He sang about the ills of the 21st century on the EP and offered solutions instead of excuses. He promised change instead of cataclysm. And he delivered hope instead of hubris. In his new single, he casts a spotlight on the everyday people that make a difference in everyday life. 

Despite making his mark in the business world, Deimer didn’t feel complete – so at an age when most people start thinking about slowing down, he started to speed up. Inspired by the artists that helped shape him – Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Marley and AC/DC, to name just a few – he started writing song lyrics. And inspired by his love of movies and acting roles in films including the 2018 ‘Halloween’ remake and John Travolta’s ‘Trading Paint,’ he filmed his feature length movie aimed to launch his ‘Hellbilly Hollow’ horror franchise and has recorded dozens of songs with Phil X and Lord-Alge. He is a Renaissance man of sorts, a beat poet for the modern age – a throwback to a simpler time when troubadours traveled the streets and sang about what inspired them. 

“When people listen to my music, I want to help them decompress and feel better after a brutal day. That’s what music always did for me, and that’s what we need more of today,” says the frontman, taking another long drag off his cigarette… “After a long, hard day of work, just come to my show and jam. We need this in our lives to fight the stress. We work hard all day, we deserve to rock hard.”

It was a great pleasure to have Kurt Deimer and Phil X the awesome guitarist on an Interview, Check out these amazing guys on the YouTube Video below.

Track List:
01. Naïve
02. Burn Together
03. Only Time Will Tell
04. Ease It In
05. Watcha Sayin’
06. Back of The School

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