Interview With The Case

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?

Not too bad. Greetings to you too, Metalheads Forever Magazine!

Last month you released your single “Throne”. Can you tell me about the single, songwriting and production behind it?

Sure. The song was written last year. We managed to have a couple of months free of concerts so we focused on writing new music. It is a single in a group of 3 which we recorded and produced ourselves and sent the tracks to Enrico Tiberi for mixing and mastering. He also got some say on the production side.

What was Throne conceptually based on?

“Throne” was built on the concept of not fitting in as a person but not giving up and trying to figure out how to cope with that. More so working towards blending in and seeking acceptance. Eventually you become good at faking the lifestyle, you embrace the new personality and take all that is given. The outro is meant to bring you back to your roots, making you remember who you were initially and raises the question if it was all worth it. We believe the consistency comes from the seamless integration of synths and the production of the melody as well.

Any plans coming up with a full length album?

We are currently working on more material but we did`t decided yet if we are gonna package it as more singles or as an album. We`ll see how the next 2 songs turn out and then we will decide. The album was always a lovely idea for us.

How are the touring plans for 2022?

Not so great. We have a few gigs here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Would you like to share how The Case was formed and you guys got together as a band?

The project started in Timisoara in 2012. We met through a musicians platform, tried a bunch of covers at first but we quickly decided that we were gonna make our own music. It worked and we have been doing that ever since. 

What has been the biggest achievement so far?

In terms of gigs, we played an arena of 4000. It was an opening show but still… 

Would you like to share about the songwriting process and technically what are the area of topics you cover in your songs?

Usually someone comes with an idea, a part of a song or sometimes the whole song. We work the shit out of that until we are all happy with the result. The process can take from a day to a few weeks. Then we go to production.

How do you look into the future?

We plan to release as much material as possible and maybe get into some touring as well.

What are the future collaborations that you have on your mind?

We are keeping it under wraps at the moment. Let’s just say that people will be very surprised.

How has the journey been for you since the inception in 2012?

It wasn’t always smooth sailing. The hardest part was to find the right people for the project. Not necessary in the skills department as we thought at first.  We needed people that were creative and more important, like minded people. It worked out in the end.

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

We appreciate you, whomever you may be.

The Case is :
– Alfred Ciprian Paros – (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
– Mihai Bele – (drums)
– Adrian Istodorescu – (lead guitar)
– Cristian Paros – (bass and keyboards)