Interview With The Damn Truth

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the editorial head, how are you guys doing?

-Doing great, thank you! We’ve just been overjoyed with the reception of Now or Nowhere.

Now or Nowhere is out now, can you tell me about the album receptions and fans reaction towards the album?

-We’re getting a constant stream of love from our fans since we’ve released Now or Nowhere. We’re ecstatic that our fans are digging the album as much as we do! It feels surreal to finally have released it and we can’t wait to bring it to the stage.

What would be the plans to support the album, any local tour that you guys have planned to do?

At the moment we have an international Live debut planned for Now or Nowhere. It’s called The Damn Truth Now or Nowhere Livestream Experiment. On June 9th we’ll be playing a show for a camera crew broadcasting to the web. Everybody will be able to tune in from all over! It’ll be online for a few days, so if our fans miss it due to time zones, they’ll have a chance to catch it. We’ve also got a UK tour booked in support of King King this upcoming February.

This is who we are now has come up as a big thing and its everywhere, how do you feel about the outcome?

We couldn’t be happier. Recording it with Bob Rock and then mixing it with Vance Powell were some of the finest experiences we’ve had in our careers. To see it so well received really fills our hearts!

The band sound amazing with the hard rock blend with a early 60’s stripe and with some hippiness, how as a band do you describe yourself and the genre?

We’re a rock n roll band. We never really go into our studio and try to sound like something. We are the culmination of our respective experiences and influences. We call it “The Machine”. Anytime one of us brings a song to the band it goes through the 4 of us and often gets turned into something different. When the four of us play together, there’s a sound. We’ve been called ‘Rock n Roll Hippies’ & we’ve been called ‘The Beatles gone wrong’ but in the end we’re a rocknroll band called The Damn Truth.

Toured with some of the legends like ZZ Top, Bad Company, Sammy Hagar, The Cult and other, honestly speaking those are my childhood heroes, how was the experience with them, can you share a few of them with us?

Man, we’ve been so lucky to tour with rock n roll royalty. When we opened for The Cult in Montreal we were selling merch so fast after our show, we got booted from the venue where we continued selling our merch on the street!! Haha

During our ZZ Top tour, near the end, the band came out to meet us and have a drink. Billy Gibbons was in onesie pyjama, leather jacket on top, fuzzy hat and sunglasses.. It was wild!

What has been the best thing that has happened to you as a band?

We’ve had so many magical moments, crazy adventures and unbelievable happenings that it’s hard to answer that question. More recently, working with Bob Rock at Bryan Adams’ studio is definitely up on that list if it isn’t at the top!

What is the purpose of getting into music rather than something else, I know this sounds stupid, but what would you guys would have done if not for music?

Who knows…. we’re all here for a reason. We couldn’t have done anything else. Music is our therapy and without it, I don’t know where we’d be.

Would you guys love to share some of the greatest moments over the time?

We’ve been blessed with fantastic tours and shows such as opening for ZZ Top, Styx, The Cult, Rival Sons and The Sheepdogs to name a few… we’ve played the Rock Legends Cruise, sold out The Whisky a Go Go & had a private after party at the Rainbow. We’ve toured all over the US, Canada & Europe. To top that all off we got to make a record with Bob Rock. We’ve worked our asses off for it all and we are so grateful!!

What would be the next plans for the band?

Currently we are focusing on releasing our new music video for This is Who We Are Now as well as preparing for our livestream event happening on June 9th. We’re rehearsing everyday and getting hyped to play for you all again and again!!

Thanks for putting up an amazing album, would you like to share some messages for the fans?

We appreciate you all so much. We’re over the moon with all of your kind words regarding ‘Now or Nowhere’ and we cannot wait to come to each and every one of your cities to play for you! Hope to catch you soon. ,?

Thanks and much love